Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hayate no Gotoku s2 - 1

Its finally time. First i want to say i love this series and will definitely be covering every episode. I want to mention CrunchyRoll will be broadcasting every episode for free on their website legally. Now, i am all for supporting free legal anime over subs, but i cant wait the week for it to be free and i wont (and can't) paying for a membership so unless all the subs are a week slow i will be covering the subs instead. Luckily they offered the first episode for free so i'm a little ahead this week. Now onto the actual episode.

EDIT: It looks like the fansub i was hoping would pick up this series is now dropping it for Crunchyroll. Luckily i still have a few other sources (mostly crunchyroll rips anyways) but there is no way i am waiting a week if i don't need to. However if my sources do get cut, i will be a week late on these.

EDIT 2: I found at least one sub group who picked it up so unless they drop it i have my source.

The episode starts with Nagi trying to duck out of doing a school running event. Marina convinces her to go and Hayate oversees her training. When she gives up pathetically easily Klaus insults Hayate's abilities. When she goes to defend him, she accidentally makes a bet that if she looses Hayate will be fired. He continues to train her but she is very worried. Meanwhile Hayate goes to find which even Hina is not in so they have a better chance of winning. Unfortunately she is going to be in all of them, but tells him to enter the grand marathon. At the actual race, they dont fair very well and Hayate ends up carrying her most of the time, avoiding all the other butler-master pairs we met last season. The last to stand in their way is Hina. She questions weather Nagi is actually learning anything by having Hayate do all the work for her. Realizing she is right, Hayate tells her to go ahead while he stalls her. He is successful due to her fear of heights. Just as she is about to win, Yukiji steals the win to use the prize money for alcohol.

Well, not one of their better eps, but not bad. As prominent as Hina is shown in the OP and ED, i can't help but feel that Hayate and Hina aren't as close as they were in the first season. I mean the only contact they had was when Hayate was being a ass to her on the bridge. Much different from the Hayate that promised to save her if she called. Regardless i expect MOAR HINA and MOAR HINA X HAYATE than in the first season so all is good.

Cultural references:
- Tuxedo Mask (with the throwing roses)
I will constantly be looking for more, so if you notice any i miss please leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Is eclipse dropping hayate second season??

SeedFreedom said...

Apparently. The "Who subs" wiki took off their and Statics name. However i didn't see an official announcement on either of their pages.

Anonymous said...

Too bad then.. CR is unavailable for me and i cant find any other groups subbing hayate.

SeedFreedom said...

Looks like i spoke too soon! Eclipse and Static did pick it up and were only very late, i can only suspect, due to the OP and ED. Yay!

Anonymous said...

thank god... they didnt drop it. off to dl.