Saturday, April 11, 2009

K-On - 2

All hail the rock god Mio!

Moe... Overload... ahh

What are tenticles doing in this show?

Hunt for a guitar!

The episode starts up with a reintroduction of the other members of band. We also get to see a lot of moe embarrassed. However they realized that Yui still doesn't have a guitar so they haven't been practicing. Mio tells Yui that the cheapest guitars are 50,000 yen with the expensives one go over 100,000. Yui desperately tries to find the money going as far as to borrow 50,000 yen in advance allowance from her parents. The spend the next day around the mall. However when they get to the music shop Yui sets her eyes on a really nice guitar for 250,000 yen. They decide to all get part time jobs to get time money. They eventually find a job as traffic counters which works for Mio because she is shy. Over the next two days they make 16,000 each. Yui however doesn't feel right about taking their money and decides to buy a guitar she can afford. However when they get back the the store the next day she is once again distracted by the guitar. Mugi decides to try and haggle and gets the guitar down to 50,000 dollars, however that is mostly due to the fact her dad owns the place. Yui eventually starts to practice and the band is offically on its way.


Many more shy and moe moments from Mio. If wiki is correct than she turn out to be the lead singer so we'll see how she gets around her shyness. There's never enough Mio! We need more cool Mio now. It looks like a 13 ep series, so we'll see how much they can get through in that time, or if they will even have more than one concert. The next ep looks like its about exams (ughh i completely understand) so we'll have to wait for more music.

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