Wednesday, November 26, 2008


For exam week, i will be under a rock. So no new post for about 3 weeks. See ya!


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 ep 08


What a set up episode. We first have knowledge that the innovators can use quantum brain waves, somehow set up by GN particles. Next WTF is that a new grunt suit is being designed by billy. Probably will roll out near the end for the final rush to space arc. Thirdly, Seems Teira was unaware that gundams were suppose to be destroyed for Schoenberg plans. We can also guess that tieria is not human, or at least not fully human with ribbons telling him hes been corrupted by Lockon. Riser also looks poised to being the item key to stabilizing the 00. We also have Louise having newtype/quantum flashes. Guessing something happened to her when her hand was rebuild. As this show goes deeper, more therioes about how this show is a setup to the original gundams with the federation, innovators setting up zeon. Only problem is these gundams are already more advanced than even the NU gundam. We'll see if this, the original, and the special gundam series being released for the 30th anniversary will be connected. We also get a glimps of where the broken mirror shot from the ending is from. Ali looks poised to start a fight next ep. Still cant quite dertemine the role of Marie, but all my old theories are thrown out the window.

Major lawls all around. First is the return of Patrick. We also see that Cathy may be falling in love with him. Second major lawls is Tsery guessing that Marie and Alle are now a couple, with both blushing. Third major lawl, is Teira dressing like a woman. and him pulling a gun out of his pantyhose. Really hard to take him seriously when he looks like that. And always a lawl, all the innovators name.
Side joke: Graham will become CHAR!!

Character Ratings:
Soma still in sway. Feldt hasnt really done anything in a while, but getting mad at Marie isnt really what i expected from her.

Teria + 7 = 7 (for providing major lawls, and not being an ass anymore)
Semeragi + 7 = 47 (for dressing Teira in a dress to provide major lawls)

surprisingly, the plot took more points than characters so i only have these two ratings.

(Because of the theme of the episode) ( by: Anavel)

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funimation sucks

Seems like Funimation has found a new way to annoy me. They are now sending C&D (cease and desist) notices to fansubbers of Soul Eater making finding fansubs really hard. If you have watched Slayer Revolution, they tried this strategy and anonymous fansubs started relasing them and streaming it. Soul eater being more popular will probably follow suit and i'll probably still be able to watch it, but this peeves me off none the less.

I dont know if these studios are being, stupid, determined, or righteous, or some mix of those. They may feel guilty if they dont take action, which is their right to try and protect their property, But if they think this acutally works, they're nuts. What this does is lower the quality of fansubs as fans cannot give feedback to the subbers on how to make a more enjoyable show.

Other known titles affected are:
D.Gray-man (All - FUNi is the licensor).
Eva Rebuild 1.0 (for NTV)
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 ep 7

Well, the subs are still very very late, so i have yet to see the hi-res version and have resorted to streaming

Well, this moves things along quite nicely. We have many crucial events happening. First, 00 failing. No uber suit for setsuna, but i would bet that it gets fixed before his final fight. Kind of hard to believe Bushido technically beat setsuna, even if it was by waiting for 00 to blow itself out.
Major allelujah x Marie (as she is called now). Really wasn't expecting things to move that fast, and in retrospect kind of wish they didnt. Maybe more of a athrun getting captured, taken to the ship, slowly fall in love thing would have been nicer. As for Maries new personality, kinda still half half on this one. For one, she is much softer, and fits well with her new look. On the other hand, shes too soft at times, like a marshmallow. Ill leave her ranking neutral for this ep, but shes in a very sway position. I'll wait to see what kind of role she continues to play now that she will most likely join CB. This unfortunately raises both death flags for Marie and Sergei. former because it will set up alle's final fight, Sergei because hes dodged death too much. Kind of like Neil. He kept coming back till he bit the dust finally.

Ill also leave Saji's rating neutral for this ep, but his bought of weakness puts him on the boarder line, mostly because i didnt think he would, or should be a gunner anyways.

Character rankings
alle - 20 = -15 (for saying marie for 5 minutes. )
Lyle + 15 = 20 (for the major lawl line at the end. "all this time you were off with a girl" lol)
sergei + 5 = 15
00 - 15 = 10 (for getting shot down)
all of plotmy bridge + 10 LAWLS
sumeragi + 10 = 40(above)

Random picture of the week
(just to peave off riven) (from random curiosity blog:

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Clannad S2 Ep 5

Tomoya and Nagisa are visiting Sunohara who is getting scolded by Misae for trying to sell her cat. After chatting and running into Tomoyo who is reciving advice on how to run the school council Tomoya notices how the boys look up to her, noting that she smells nice and is caring of others. She notes how someone else in her past had said that about her. As Nagisa and Tomoya are preparing to leave, Misae instead takes this oppertunity to send Sunohara back to his room so she can speak with Nagisa and Tomoya alone. She saids how Sunohara has mentioned that they do not go on dates much and gives them tickets to the festival. As the night goes on, Tomoya starts to fall asleep and gets a vision from the cat of Misaes past. Misae is attending the same school as tomoya in the present and is waiting to "accedently" bump into her crush. When she does, he notices a boy behind her and assumes hes Misae's boyfriend. the boy introduces himself as Shima and is here to grant Misae one wish, in return for cheering him up when he was in the hospital. She however is skeptical and asks his to leave. He doesnt give up however and is waiting for her infront of the school the next day after school, causing another misunderstanding with Misae's crush. Shima saids he can use the wish to make the crush fall in love with Misae, but she refuses saying its not right to tamper with feelings. The next day he walks her to school in the rain and Misae saids he should use his powers to make the rain stop. He saids however he only has one wish and its for her. Even though he cant remeber what she said or did to cheer him up, he feels it was very important never the less. Later that day, he runs into the crush. He reveals to Shima that he already has a girlfriend, but doesnt have the heart to hurt Misae and asks Shima to break the news gentely so her feelings arent hurt. When he meet up with Misae, she sees he is visably depressed. She asks if its about a girl she likes, and suprisingly saids yes. He explains the situation, without using names, and Misae tells him to use the chance to grab her on the rebound. Shima refuses to take advantage of that type of situation and asks her if she would in his position. Its then the crush walks by a short distance away and realizes he is talking about her. She wonders why he cares so much about her and runs off.


A very nice follow arc after a rather disapointing siblings arc that had me raging more than caring. While she does fit the "overly agressive tsundere catagory", she has a charm about her. Shima is heavily hinted to be the cat, a story element that is not unknown to key *cough* Makoto *cough*. I was a bit skeptical on how they planned to work in side characters while fleshing out a full long story arc that everyone is expecting. However this ep was shown to be very touching and my favorite ep of the second season so far. I found myself caring for the characters once again like in the first season. Shima is a wonderfully likeable character. Knowing keys, they will find some happy medium which Shima will probably turn into the cat and never be seen again, but still be able to be by Misae. I really reccommend this series and definatley pick up the original as well.
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 06

No time for a recap, plus im sure there are a billion places to find it. We have an evolution of the brighto slap into the Sergei punch, the Teiria slap, and the annoying guy slap on Sergei. We got a nice taste of Sumeragi's past and we now know she was somewhat responsible for her boyfriends death due to friendly fire. Lets see what else gets revealed. Finally saji is starting to gain some sense and seems to want to fully join CB. We have andrei starting to fall in love with Louise LAWLS. That perfectly sets up Soma to switch sides when next ep seems like the usual island meeting. Looking at updating the match ups, we can guess it will be Saji as polemy gunner vs louise, probably Tieria vs Ali, Bushido vs Setsuna, and Andrei vs Alle. i Still cant see anyone to go up against Lyle yet, and may be doubled up against Ali, or even andrei, as the arios and cherudim are flying close to each other most of the time.

Teiria + 5 = 0 (finally breaking even)
soma + 8 = 31
Sumeragi + 5 = 30
Andrei - 100 = -95 (Falling for louise just makes you instant fail)
Louise = way too low to be rated. I will only be happy with her character if she dies a slow painful death.

Seems like the girls are closing the gap to Feldt, but even if her ranking isn't top, shes still going to be my favorite girl.

Gundam pic of the week!
(these will be either snapshots, or a funny image from Anime suki. I will post the username above the picture to give them proper credit)

By: Celestial
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My faith in clean and great politics have been restored. Obama represents a new type of leadership, and i hope he has a long productive career. Read more!

Monday, November 3, 2008

General blog update

Looks like i will be fully following Gundam 00 S2. I also want to start following soul eater, as it is the only other anime i am keeping up with currently.

If i find the time, i might pick up chaos;head which looks promising from the first ep.

another maybe is vampire knight. Second season isnt as interesting to me however since i read the manga now and already know whats going to happen. Read more!

Gundam 00 s2 05 Notes

The gundams return the maria to kataron. While Alle wants to remain anonomous, Lyle removes his helmet and saids they should have nothing to hide. Kataron asks CB to join their forces to topple the federation, but sumeragi reminds them that CB's enemy is not the federation, but A-LAWS. As well, without GN drives Kataron forces would be nearly useless. Setsuna asks them also to look after Saji as he is suspected of being a kataron member and has no place to go. Maria meanwhile goes off to play with the children who lost their family to A-laws. Cathy has been placed in charge of the idiot from last episode (cant remember his name) and she asks mr.bushido to join. He however tells her he was given persssion to act as he sees fit. Meanwhile, Soma is talking to Sergei, when Sergei asks about his son. Soma saids hes a hard worker, and Sergei replies its one of the bad traits hes passed on. He feels he spent too much time away from his family and was never a proper father. That prompts Soma to agree to an earlier request to allow Sergei to adopt her. Back at the kataron base, they note their attempt to assimilate CB was a failure, but another member saids that means CB will fight A-LAWS to the end. Setsuna see maria playing with the children again which brings up memories of his own past. Saji asks setsuna if he feels hes responsible for them, and he saids he does, but he has his own reasons for fighting. Maria asks setsuna to take her back to aledistan, but they agree it would be too risky to go in a gundam so they send him off with the jet that setsuna came in. Seji convinces a kataron member to lend him a jeep and he begins his escape. He doesnt get very far and gets picked up by the federation. they accuse him of being a kataron member and begin to rough him up when Sergei saves his ass again. Sergei doesnt believe hes part of kataron, but he does question weather he is a member of CB. One of the other federation members hears this and they begin to plan an assault. Sergei Cathy and some other feel this was too extreme and Sergei sends Seji away. china-tan(dont know her real name) warns CB of the attack, and they begin to head back to defend kataron. Back at kataron, they realize they dont stand a chance and wait for CB, but some have doubts and think CB may have set them up. while the attack goes on, they release the robots to clean up. Bushido however rejects to take part in the attack. CB does arrive, and takes out a few suits, but they are too late. The area is reduced to a slaughter house. saji returns, and blames himself for the incident. After, setsuna and maria arive at aledistan to find it burning to the ground. A single suit is in the middle, piloted by ali al satches

You'll have to forgive me for turning into a pile of mush every time i see felt. Shes becoming increasingly cute with every episode. Major surprise in that Sergei wants to adopt Soma. This raises his pedobear points, but also signifigantly raises his death flag.Setsuna this season is giving off major heero yui vibes. Super lawls at teira's jokes. Hes a lot more likeable this season now that he isnt a pompous ass. i was talking with a friend before i saw this ep. When he said kataron tried to recruit CB, i said they would brush them off for not having gundams. Little did i know i was correct, so major lawl points to sumeragi. At least louise has some heart and was disturbed by the use of the robots. Man, does lyle suck compared to neil. He couldn't even shoot down louise. And... HES BACK.... *awaits epic showdown*

EDIT: i stand corrected. Lyle was shooting at Soma, so thats quite forgivable.

Character rankings
setsuna + 10 = 28
Felt + 5 = 35
Teria + 20 = -5 (ya, i really hated him last season)
Soma + 8 = 23
semeragi + 5 (only for epic prediction on what she said) = 25
arios + 5 = 15 (nice pincer move)
cherudim -5 (for once again failing to do anything as of yet) = 30

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