Monday, November 24, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 ep 08


What a set up episode. We first have knowledge that the innovators can use quantum brain waves, somehow set up by GN particles. Next WTF is that a new grunt suit is being designed by billy. Probably will roll out near the end for the final rush to space arc. Thirdly, Seems Teira was unaware that gundams were suppose to be destroyed for Schoenberg plans. We can also guess that tieria is not human, or at least not fully human with ribbons telling him hes been corrupted by Lockon. Riser also looks poised to being the item key to stabilizing the 00. We also have Louise having newtype/quantum flashes. Guessing something happened to her when her hand was rebuild. As this show goes deeper, more therioes about how this show is a setup to the original gundams with the federation, innovators setting up zeon. Only problem is these gundams are already more advanced than even the NU gundam. We'll see if this, the original, and the special gundam series being released for the 30th anniversary will be connected. We also get a glimps of where the broken mirror shot from the ending is from. Ali looks poised to start a fight next ep. Still cant quite dertemine the role of Marie, but all my old theories are thrown out the window.

Major lawls all around. First is the return of Patrick. We also see that Cathy may be falling in love with him. Second major lawls is Tsery guessing that Marie and Alle are now a couple, with both blushing. Third major lawl, is Teira dressing like a woman. and him pulling a gun out of his pantyhose. Really hard to take him seriously when he looks like that. And always a lawl, all the innovators name.
Side joke: Graham will become CHAR!!

Character Ratings:
Soma still in sway. Feldt hasnt really done anything in a while, but getting mad at Marie isnt really what i expected from her.

Teria + 7 = 7 (for providing major lawls, and not being an ass anymore)
Semeragi + 7 = 47 (for dressing Teira in a dress to provide major lawls)

surprisingly, the plot took more points than characters so i only have these two ratings.

(Because of the theme of the episode) ( by: Anavel)


Riven said...

This was a wow Episode. Half the things didn't make much sense, however I'm sure that it will all become clear by the end of the season. Anyway I still hate AlleXMarie, however I will have to see where this all goes.

Major LALWS on Tieria and finding out that his clone is actually a man!

SeedFreedom said...

Pour Que? what didnt make sense to you? I guess the true identity (human/robot/cyborg) isn't fully settled, but i found everything else pretty understandable. (and nobody dare ask where Tieria got boobs)

It looks like Alle is returning to his usual self, minus Halle. But IIRC, the director said something about either Halle coming back, or a new personality coming out so dont despair. (Unfortunately, it looks like it will come out by a death)

Riven said...

HA HA HA HA! That means that Marie will die and I will have my gorgeous Halle/Alle back.

This episode was a little confusing, but now that I thought about it, the whole thing makes more sense. I still don't understand Louise's situation but I guess that is to come.

SeedFreedom said...

Careful what you wish for. the death could be just as easily Alle. :P

Riven said...

How could it be Alle if a second personality appears? That doesn't make much sense.....I think. I hope at least.