Friday, June 22, 2012

Wheel... Of... Dystopia!!!

So, i got to thinking about all the different big technology companies that control the various aspects of our lives and i wonder, what kind of a world would we be in if they took complete control? NOTE: i am critical and will be making fun of various companies. Those with strong company loyalty or cannot take a joke please dont read. also this is ment to be fun, dont over-analyze to death about all the details i got wrong.

Microsoft: closest dystopian future: Fahrenheit 741

Microsoft likes to keep you in the dark. they want to bury information quick and are quick to get rid of information they dont want you to know. I'll admit, im starting with this one because its the weakest comparison i can make.

Google: Closest dystopian future: Brave new world

So Google is kind of the gracious overlord kind of dystopia. Ya, they want to control you and want to keep all of your information on file to further control you, but to be honest we asked for it. Its easy to criticize google but we cant give up their gmail, android phones, navigation tools, and search engine.  All that remains is the little nagging feeling something isnt right, that things can and should be much better. But then we take a hit of that sweet soma, i mean youtube videos, and just for a moment our troubles disappear. Everyone from the workers at google to the users all feel a kind of artifical happiness only happy because we know of nothing better. They control us and kill us by giving us exactly what we want.

Apple: Closest dystopian future: 1984

Apple has their cult mentality. people easily buy into their products and when we are told their new 'IWhatever' has 'blah blah blah' people jump to praise its ingenuity, forgetting every other company has had that in their devices much earlier and much better (their new navigation tool, and the camera on the ipad come to mind). But the true power is that the make their buyers believe it. All the data and proof in the world cannot shake them. they hear from their overlords their life is great and they don't question it, when in truth they sit high while nothing is affordable. Short of rat cage brainwashing, they are a perfect big brother.

Linux: Closest dystopian future: Matrix

Yup even my fellow computer geeks aren't getting off easy. So you've broken free. You see the truth and past all the lies fed to you. You are boundless, you are unrestrained, you... are making life much much harder on yourself. When i talk about the dystopia of the matrix, im not talking about the fake world used to hold the people, im taking about the "real" world outside. The dark dusty sun-blocked barren wasteland where the same liquid used to degrease engines is also a drink. Linux users love to go on and on about how customizable are fast their machine is for a bottom basement price, except everything you do on a linux just becomes so much harder and takes so much more time and effort. And to be honest, for what? Ya, nobody controls you and you are free, but you look out to the dusty dark cloud and you see everyone else living blissfully unaware and actually relatively happy and you need to wonder, who is really living in the dystopia? Was it all worth the toruble?

So who am i going for? its obvious one of these will rule the world and if they continue to do as they are now, im throwing in my chips now. I'll clutch my android phone to check my Gmail and then relax with an episode of dragonballz abridged on youtube.
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