Tuesday, May 26, 2009

K-On - 6

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So the day of the festival finally approaches and Mio is trying to find everyone. Nobody however is practicing. Yui, still mission her voice, is helping out a friend at a food booth. Ritsu and Mugi are helping out with a haunted house. Hilarity ensues when Mio goes in to look for Mugi dressed as a ghost.

Nanoka convinces Yui to finish up early to help Mio and she gets Ritsu. When they reach the club room they find Mio singing on her own. They finally get in a quick practise before the concert. Sawa arrives complete with cute outfits for the club, god bless her heart :). Yui and Mugi, well mostly Mugi move all the equipment into place with Mio a wreck still. Ritsu tells about Mios past and how she is partly to blame for her shyness. Afterwards with Mio failing one last time to get out of singing, Ritsu manages to calm everyone down with some pointless MCing.

They finally prepare to go on stage. After a short delay, and a inspirational speech from Yui she finally sings. The concert is played as a Music video and goes off without a hitch. Just as Mio is about to leave the stage, she trips and accidentally flashes the audience. They loved it and Mio now has her own fanclub, but she is a wreck.


Very fun episode. I wasn't quite expecting a concert ep so quick but i'm really glad they did. This gives them time to squeeze in one or two more before the end of the series. Seeing how fast they're moving, it will likely be an anime original ending. Yui's VA did a good job at faking a sore voice, too good. I felt liked punching her a few times. As for the acutal concert, i know a few people are pissed we didn't get to see them on stage and saw the MV instead, but i enjoyed it. I liked the song, but didn't love it. Here's hoping the next one is better.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

K-on - 5

Arrival of Super Teacher.

A very dangerous shot

Is this... Heaven. It must be

Gai's husband.

The School Festival is approaching, but the K-ON club faces a bigger problem. Ritsu never filled out the forums so technically the club doesn't exist. Luckily, Nonoka is part of the student council and agrees to help the club out. However they still need to find a teacher advisor for the club.

The decide to go for Sawako-Sensei as she is popular with the student body and a music teacher. However when they mention they've seen a picture of an old club that resembles her, she make a run for the club room to get the photo. Unfortunately Ritsu has already taken the photo. While the rest of the club tries to win her over, Ritsu automatically goes for the blackmail approach. Here we learn about Sawako's past. See tries to date a guy who likes wild girls, but she takes it too far and he ends up dumping her again. Sawako decides to become the advisor and is surprised that they don't even have any lyrics for their song.

Later that night, Mio in a very cute ponytail and earphone combo, writes up a song. The fluffy lyrics leave Ritsu and Sawako squirming. Yui however loves them, and Mugi is too, erhem, distracted to disagree. Sawako sees this chance to lighten her appearance. Outnumbered, Ritsu folds. Yui also becomes the singer as Mio is too embarrassed to sing. Yui however can't handle singing and playing at the same time so Sawako takes her for training. It works, sort of. She can multi-task, but she losses her voice from all the training. So in the end, they turn back to Mio.


Oh Mio how to tease with your shyness. Sawako seems to the the first real competition to Mio's extreme popularity. I gotta admit she does have some likable traits but her lack of real dedication to K-ON is a little unexpected due to all the talk about her.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hayate no Gotoku S2 - 2


After Nagi loses the race, Klus refuses to budge on his bet and fires Hayate. Nagi tries to convince Klus of how much progress she made even though she came in second, but when that fails she fires Klus for failing to guide Hayate as the head butler. He gives in, especially when Maria doesn't back him up because of the sailor moon dress up she had to wear. He decides to give Hayate a second chance by completing a butlers trial. Hayate leaves for the training, and runs into a strange Nun. She steals the loose change Hayate drops, but redeems herself when she saves him from a manic otaku. However she looses it when she asks for a reward. Hayate gets to the church where his trials are, and runs into the same nun. She tells him to find a party of four and to help him on his way. Nagi, who came looking for him, is the first. He tries to convince Hina to join as well, but shes still mad about what he did during the race. While he leaves, Yukiji overhears and becomes the second. They also run into Saki, who recommends Wataru and so their party is complete.


I can't say Hayate's chances are too good with that party. Im more worried about Hina and Hayate slipping, oh my poor fanboy heart. Apparently this is all setting up something so i'll keep my fingers crossed.

The biggest difference is that this season seems to move away from the random jokes and references for the plot. It makes it more of a standard comedy anime. The plot is good and it still is funny, but oh season one you will be missed a little.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

For Those Who Care

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