Thursday, December 25, 2008

clannad s2 11

Tomoya is gradually getting better at his job with Yuusuke. At home he tries to find some time to spend with Nagisa, but Nagisa is taking the mock exams so she cant make it. They notice how they each are not matching up with the other. He ends up spending the day with Akio. Akio and friends messes around for a bit, before Akio buys a lizard to put down Sanae's shirt. They return to the bakery where Akio distracts Sanae and Tomoya puts the lizard down her shirt. They all spend the rest of the day running around town. At home, Nagisa asks tomoya to come with her to the founders festival. He agrees, but at work the next day they inform him he will be busier and may have to come in to work. Nagisa says shes fine, but Tomoya asks Yuusuke if they could take that day off, and he is happy to hear they arent needed that day. When he is about to go home however, the boss finds a project that was missed. He asks Tomoya to go and finish the project. Yuusuke meets him when he is finished and gives it a quick look over. The next day, the day of the festival, Tomoya finds out he made a mistake and Yuusuke is fixing it now. Tomoya rushes to help fix his mistake and is exhausted. He misses the festival, but is able to walk Nagisa home eating barbecue corn. He goes into work the next day thinking he will get fired, but to his surprise nobody really cares very much that he made a mistake and says its fine because it got fixed. His fellow co-workers jest that he missed a date and said he should ask them to fill in next time. He also gets a perminate name tag to hang on the work board.

Thinks are starting to turn against the couple, but their will and love are pulling them through. Glad to see the support that hes getting from his coworkers, but from the few scenes, Nagisa is still having a very difficult time at school.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

gundam 00 s2 ep 12


The 00-riser (i`ll just call it the 00 from now on) is in trans-am mode and takes out a few suits. 00 engages the Garazzo and handily beats him. However Bring manages to eject in time. The Seravee and Cherudim also manage to take out a few suits. However it isn`t long before the numbers start to get to them. Luckly, the 00 is able to bail them out as well. He then goes for the Gadessa, and while it looked like Bring stabs Setsuna for a minute, it turns out the 00 can dematerialize and rematerialize so he manages to avoid the attacks and destroys the Gadessa. Bring however also manages to eject. Ribbons is shocked at the abilities of the 00. When Wang tries to comfort him, he slaps her. Regene is smiling. Saji undocks with the 00 and tries to go to louise, but the riser is out of power and he sits motionless in space. Meanwhile Louise has gone insane and starts to believe that Saji was always her enemy and has always been with Setsuna and CB. With the defeat of the Innovators, a retreat is ordered. Alleujah informs them everyone on the escape pods are safe, as is Ian.

Anew is still with CB and shows no signs of being with the innovators. Back at polemy, Saji blames Setsuna again, saying CB`s wars made Louise into what she is. Setsuna tells him to fight, to get back Louise and himself. Saji punches him, saying hes not one of them. Lyle has overheard all of this and tells Setsuna to be more straight foreword next time. Saji looks over the text message Louise sent him about waiting for her in space, and begins to cry.

At the A-LAWS base, officers are cleaning out Genin`s locker and remembers how he told her about his wife being killed by Kataron. Andrei comes in, claiming he heard Louise talking with someone in space, an enemy. She denies this and says that CB is her enemy. Andrei grabs her hand and says that she shouldn't be in A-LAWS.`Louise grabs his arm with her robotic one and begins to crush it. Louise then leaves.

Revive is still upset that he lost to a human, and wonders why Ribbons didn't warn them about 00`s power. When Ribbons send them a telepathic message that their new mission is to capture the 00, and that he is sending two more innovators, Revive begins to wonder weather Ribbons knew himself.

The memento Mori is fired again at another middle eastern country. This time there is a nearby refuge camp with a million people in it. Shirin is furious at this.

At the federations base, Sergei is ordered a gag order to keep quite about the Memento Mori. While he protest, his superior doesn't budge and assigns him to keep everyone quite. Sergi wonders is he should still follow orders.

the Polemy learns of the second shot and rushes repairs on the ship and the gundams so they can begin to attack. Teria checks with Malena about the state of Seravee, and Lyle wonders if his comrades are ok. Saji meanwhile tries to run away again so he can find Louise. He manages to bluff his way past Marie, saying he was needed somewhere and get inside the riser. When he is about to take off, he remembers Tieria's words and the deaths he caused last time he ran away. Unknown to him, Setsuna was watching the whole time. Louise deletes all her pictures of Saji.

Kataron tries to launch an attack on the Memento Mori, but it fires again, into space. It destroys half of Katarons fleet and leaves everyone stunned.

Action-wise, one of the best episodes. the 00 proved to be as powerful as everyone expects and even has teleportation powers. The other gundams also shown they can take out a few suits themselves. We still havent seen much of the Arios, but expect the Archer to give it a boost. Louise now needs to die even more then ever. She now gives off a mix of Shinn and Stellar, the two worst charcters in seed. Saji also dipped back into the awful catagory, luckly it seems teria got to him and he didnt launch. Forget what i said about Lyle turning on CB for Kataron. That no longer looks really possible. Kataron is too weak and getting weaker. They also seem to realize they need CB to accomplish their goal. A turncoat isnt out of the picture, but it's looking less likely. Speaking of turncoats, the fate of Anew is still in question. People doubting the girl in the cloth in the ending are now convinced that it is Anew, and i am too. I hope she ends up turning of the Innovators, perhaps due to love of Lyle. This means no happy ending for Feldt however, but she seems happy enough without a guy. On another note, it looks like Regene will plan a coop and seize control of the innovators. Character rankings will be up... eventually.
(on a side note, riven is rubbing off on me, my post are getting longer and longer hehe)

gundam image of the week:
Tis the season, and a happy holidays to you and yours.
picture by Seibee

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Riven's Update

I found a place to get my D. Grey-Man, but no where for Kuroshitsuji so I might just drop it if I can't find it. Also tomorrow is my birthday so I'm going to be a little busy for the days after that. I'm working on Gundam 00 ep. 10 and it should be out by the 21st of December. D. Grey-Man ep. 1 will be out shortly after that with my character ratings. Anyway, everybody have a good break and a happy holidays! Plus I would like to ask SeedFreedom to put screen caps for episode 9 & 10 of 00 in my posts. Read more!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clannad s2 ep 10

The junk doll is still trying to build the flying machine so that he can leave with the girl. Back in our world, Tomoya wakes up from a dream where everyone is leaving him. When he gets up, he almost puts on his school uniform, before remembering he graduated. Tomoya and Nagisa's parents are discussing what he is going to do from now on. Akio offers Tomoya a job at the bakery, however he cant afford to pay him very much. Tomoya starts his work with Akio the next day, and sees Nagisa off back to her third year as a senior. As Sanae begins her tutoring and business slows at the bakery, Nagisa returns from school during her break to see Tomoya work. She doesn't end up in the same class as Misae or Tomoyo, but she is confident she can make new friends. Akio then suggest they use Sanae's bread as snowballs, which sets her off in one of her characteristic crying spells with Akio in tow. Tomoya realizes they do this routine also to cheer up Nagisa. After school Tomoya finds Nagisa's open house didn't go very well. To make things worse, everyone is already aware that Nagisa is repeating for the third time. Tomoya starts to think that his encouragement might also be putting too much pressure on Nagisa to succeed. The club is closed because she failed to add anyone to her club.

On his way home from a chore for Sanae, he runs into Yuuske. They chat shortly about his graduation, and Fuuko's condition. Tomoya is looking at apartments when he runs into Kyou and Ryou on their way back from school. He mentions he wants to move out of Nagisa's place but its too expensive. Ryou brings up that a friends brother is moving out and that he is selling his place cheap. Tomoya runs to Yuuske and asks him for a job. He informs Akio that he will be moving out and while playing catch (with a real baseball) Akio tells him that he will always be there if he needs help. Tomoya asks if one day he could take Nagisa with him, and Akio saids it is her decision. The game is broken up when Akio accedently breaks a window. Akio and Nagisa help Tomoya move in furniture, and Nagisa stays to cook for him. She tells him to tell his father about the move, and he promises he will.

The next day Tomoya goes to work, but drops his tool on his first shift. He is exausted at the end of the say, and while he tries to listen to Nagisa talk about her day, he starts to drift off to sleep

Well, the world is starting to become a lot more real for Tomoya. He has to deal with a real labour job and has already moved out. He's already thinking (and in my opinion acting like) his future with Nagisa. I wonder if he can even do the job with the injury. The world also isnt being very kind to Nagisa. She's having a hard time fitting in, and already has the club closed. Given the difficulty keeping it open last year, this doesn't come as a surpise.

Key has always produced top quality material, so i expect great things ahead.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 ep 11

Riven did an excelent job with ep 9, and i'm leaving her with ep 10 as well. But onto episode 11


Maria once again talking with the children, is asked them what they want. One little girl says she wants to see her parents again, who are in Seel. Seel, being the country just destroyed by the new super weapon. Sergei and Wa lu Meing (who is now in the innovator base) are visibly shaken by the effect of the Memento Mori. Back at the asteroid, Teiria and Alleujah have calmed down as the 00 test are finishing. Its exceeding all expectations and setsuna says it is the power to change the world. Soon after, the Ploemy crew is just learning about the devastation from the Memento Mori and are now planning on taking it out. Kataron is devising a plan to attack with their entire space fleet, but they realize it could be pointless given the difference in number and power. Teiria takes this chance to tell the crew about innovators being the shadow moving the federation, A-laws, and taking over the world. He says it could be them that are deviating from Shoenbergs goals. When asked by Alleujah how that could be, and by Lockon why he waited until now to tell them, he doesn't , or misses a chance, to answer. He tries to tell them he is one of them, but is cut off by Sumeragi. Nena asks if Wang lu meing is now on the innovators side, and she responds that that type of thinking will not change the world, and that she isnt as special as she thinks she is. Nena however is still very upset that she is now siding with the man who killed her brothers. Manneqin meanwhile plans an attack and ambushes CB's asteroid base. Anew decides to stay with the ploemy and prepares to launch. Meanwhile Revive sends a signal into the ploemy. Its picked up by Marie, but she notes it wasn't for her. Instead, Anew is frozen for a second, but snaps out of it. Soon after the attack starts and many cannon fodder CB members are killed. those that survive are heading to escape pods and the gundams are launched. The battle starts and Kati has a few tricks up her sleeve including using cloaking sheets to hide heat signatures and ambushes the 00. Seravee tries to cover fire, but his cannon is completely deflected by Garazzo who later outpowers the seravee in a graple. The Gadessa launches a mega cannon attack and takes out the Pleomy's sheld, and the third hanger with Ian in it. Saji is sent to check on him. He finds him wounded, but alive. Ian tells Saji to get the Riser to setsuna, as it has been completed. Ian is taken to sick bay by his wife. Saji, with help from the red haro is able to bring Riser to 00, and they link up. This new form is much more than they expected and he kills Barack. With the Garazzo on his tail, he decides to access tran-am. This brings him to the out-of-body world, and Saji sees Louise. They are both asking why each other is part of the war.

And the award for lamest metaphorical out of body experience is... duh duh duh da! Gundam 00. Being naked is one thing, but being naked in a sitting position is just wrong.
Seems the upgrades to the Cherudim and seravee is complete. Not sure yet if the upgrade is the bit system ive been dying to see, as that has been installed in the Cherudim since the beginning. Never the less it could mean it isn now active. The same goes for Seravee's second form. The 00 is now offically competeing for favorite suit of 00, and maybe even challange the Wing Zero for Favorite suit ever. the new Riser form is increably beautiful. Only thing i dislike is the direct presence of Saji. While Saji being a pilot gives him much more character, putting him out in battle every episode might make Setsuna look a lot less awesome. Id prefer a remote pilot system so Setsuna would be the only one there. Never the less, this means Saji will die before the end of the series. His death flag is now at a million. The 00-riser also isnt pwning as much as i would like. I miss the old days where Gundams acutally were strong and the best suits out on the battle field. Too many suits in 00 are on par with the gundams (gn-xIII and ahead) while the Garazzzo and Gadassea are clearly ahead (no pun intended). The arugement becomes "do you really want them to overpower everything like god-freedom". Frankly, yes. That is why i watch gundam. I understand if they add a few suits as the main boss/enemy, but dont make every damn MS a gundam. As well, we also know where the giant hole in the sky shown in the ending is from as it looks the same as the hole made by Memento Mori

Riven's Reactions:

I have to say that this episode really dissappointed me. Since Sergei lived there is no way that Marie is to live since it is said that she will be piloting the GN Archer. Also I totally agree with SeedFreedom that Saji will die. I have to say that the 0-Riser really didn't do too much for me. It was really depressing because in the end it only made the 00 faster, there was no strength to it. I also have to say that is even with the 0-Riser the 00 couldn't beat Mr. Bushido without Trans-Am. That just sucks. I'm upset that Hallelujah made no appearance this week, but he should be there in the future so that really excites me because I want to see what he will do next. I can't wait to see what they do next because as of right now, the series is full of too much cheese and they really haven't lived up to the expectations they gave me due to the last season.

Weekly rankings:
00 + 50 = 60. 00 Riser = pure win.
Saji + 10 = 15. He did something! yay!. now lets hope i dont have to see his face every time Setsuna fights

awaiting cherudim, Seravee, and Arios upgrades

Gundam Picture Of The Week:
from KiNA

Sorry, it has to be the epic 00-riser

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One Small Step

I hope that I gave you enough information in my Gundam 00 ep.9 review. Actually I hope it wasn't too much. I can get a little wordy sometimes. Anyway, I'm now working on Episode 10 so look forward to it! Also I can't seem to watch half of D. Grey-Man due to the copyright stuff going on now, and my site hasn't put up episodes 9 & 10 of Kuroshitsuji so I'm kind of in the dark right now. I have to find some way to get different animes to cover! Read more!

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Gundam 00 ep. 9

Alright so Episode 9 of Gundam 00 is mine for now. So lets start my review!

Ali Al Saachez (the bastard who was supposed to be dead) is still alive starts a battle with the gundams by sending out the GN Fangs. Setsuna and Tieria proceed into battle only to find that these are much faster than their predecessor. Setsuna rushes in and faces his old enemy, however when Ali's Thone Gundam knocks the 00 away, Tieria steps in to continue where Setsuna left off. Once Ali cuts off Serevee's shoulder cannons, Tieria goes into hand to hand battle, however he uses an arm with a beam saber that is hidden in the Serevee's leg to fend off Saachez. Ali manages to block this awsome yet cheap shot with a beam saber that is hidden in his gundam throne's feet. Some how the over powered Throne is able to hold off both gundams and even send out the fangs for a second round before the Arios and Cheridum come out as back up. Ali decides that he doesn't want to enter a four-on-one battle so he hightails it out of there, with Serevee in persuit, however before they can go far Allelujah in the Arios stops Tieria. Tieria yells at Allelujah asking him why he is being stopped from avenging Lockon. Regardless of everything else, we find that Ali is still alive and breathing no matter how much we don't want him to.

At the party, we find Ribbons telling Regene that the party is ruined and it is all his fault. Regene however takes no time to point out that it was Ribbons who made Tieria angry. Regene actually goes so far as to scold Ribbons, because he beleives that if Ribbons had behaved himself they could have made Tieria an ally, however Ribbons points out that he wants Celestial Being to oppose them. Hilling Care notes that the more Celestial Being decides to act, the more support A-Laws gains. Regene promptly changes the subject to inquire if Celestial being came up with the Twin Drive System or if Aeolia Schenberg gave it to them like the Trans-Am System. Ribbons doesn’t think that it really matters because Revive Revival will prove it will still be inferior to the Gadessa. At around the same time Wang Lui Mei is being driven home from the party. After she gets the news that Setsuna and the others got away she comments that she can't wait to see the showdown between the Gundam Meisters and the Innovators.

Also gone from the disaster of the party are Louise and Andrei. Louise feels better now and Andrei tells her to get some rest because they will be participating in the Gundam persuit opperation when they return. Since Andrei has read Louise's file he knows about how her parents were killed by Gundams and wonders if she is only out for revenge. Louise at this moment is thinking about Setsuna and his connection to Celestial Being when she sees Mr. Bushido's custom Ahead fly by the craft in the oppostie direction.

Meanwhile on Poltemiaos, Sumeragi decides that they should go back to space because she forcasts that the enemy will surround them in 12 hours. This is also because if they return to Lagrange 3, they can do repairs and pick up the gundam's support items. While everyone is preparing to return to space, Setsuna tells Saji about his meeting with Louise and their conversation. Before Setsuna can inquire about Saji contacting her, Lyle, or Lockon, whichever you prefer, and Tieria show up. Lyle, as I will call him so that there will be no confusion, or I might also call him Fake Lockon, I have not decided, asks about the Throne Gundam Tieria's previous comment about avenging Lockon, Neil, or the Real Lockon. Thus Tieria tells Lyle about how Ali Al Saachez killed Lockon and Lyle presses to hear more.

On the A-LAWSShip, Lidnt goes over his plan to use six Trilobites to attack the Poltemaios. A little bit of overkill is needed cause no one can beat a ship that is armed with a few missiles and a sheild that has almost been destroyed countless times in the first 9 episodes. Anyway, Kati thinks that air superiority should be priority and Lidnt thinks that there is no way that the enemy will leave the sea. Before the sleeves can be rolled up, the gloves taken off, and the corners set up Revive points out that since the ship can enter the atmosphere than maybe it can go the other way. Kati agrees and suggests that this may be possible with the Trans-Am System, how they know the name is beyond me. Lidnt gets angry because he believes that he is being ridiculed after Revive suggests that the enemy commander may have already figured out their orthodox strategy. Of course Revive has a licence which makes him a one man army very much like the one and only Mr. Bushido. When questioned about it by Kati, Revive tells her not to worry and that he will follow her orders.

Back on the Poltemaios, Tieria finishes telling Lyle about how Neil tried to avenge
his family by going after Saachez. Lyle tells us how he admires his brother however he could never obssess over something that happened 10 years ago. In response, Setsuna questions if that’s true even if the enemy were right there, and he goes on to admit how he was a member of the KPSA and totally ruins this little heart to heart. He reveals that one of his comrades at the time was the very person who blew himself up in the attack that claimed the lives of the Dylandy family, and Setsuna feels that if he had stopped his comrade, Neil would have never become a Gundam Meister.

While this interesting mini heart to heart is going on the A-LAWS troops are starting to mobilize. Not knowing that this is actually happening Tieria is in one of the observation rooms and he has yet to actually report to Sumeragi about the party. Since Teiria says he is "thinking", which means totally confusing himself, Setsuna asks him to clarify what he was saying before about the Distortion he had found. Tieria's thoughts are completely clouded by Regene and Lockon's statements, and before he can explain, the alarm bells go off. Tieria was saved by the bell, literally. Anyway, as Tieria and Setsuna rush to their gundams, Sumeragi has the ship start rising to the surface of the water, and when the enemy starts firing missiles at them, she has Arios, Cheridum, and Serevee activate their Trans-Am. This has a similar effect on the ship and it goes rocketing off to space, or at least it does in a perfect world. This world is far from perfect and as the Ptolemaios breaks through the atmosphere, it’s hit by a massive shot from the waiting Gadessa. Though the ship is fine, the force of the blast changes the ship’s trajectory, and Sumeragi quickly realizes how good the enemy commander is. Kati with all her gundam fighting experiance, knows that the Trans-Am system has a time limit, and she has an A-LAWS unit waiting in space of course. That unit attacks right as the Trans-Am system reaches its limit, and this leaves the Ptolemaios vulnerable to enemy fire. Fortunately, Sumeragi had anticipated this and had sent the 00 Gundam out earlier, and it obliterates the A-LAWS cruiser. The remaining A-LAWS mobile suits retreat as a result. Before they leave one of the A-LAWS suits sends a message to the Poltemaios from Kati who expresses her respect for Sumeragi’s tactics and refers to her as Leesa Kujo. This triggers Sumeragi's memories from the past and she isn't happy to see that Kati has joind A-LAWS.
Back on Earth, after learning of the death of the commander of the A-LAWS cruiser that got destroyed, Homer Katagiri feels that he can’t allow any more sacrifices and will need the help of the Innovators. Ian meanwhile is being led to the 0 Raizer by his wife Linda, and he thinks that the 00 Gundam will be invincible with it.


Over all it was a good episode and I have to say that there were many points where I was totally enthralled. There were also some LAWLS moments like the Arm in the cannon. Either you have an arm or you have a cannon, not both. Also the re-appearance of Patricks stupidity on the battle field was a relief to see. He just got his head shot off again, like every other battle he had with the Gundams. We still havn't really seen much from the Gundams. I mean if Ali Al Saachez could beat two of them at once in his Throne Gundam, you know something is wrong. Finally one day I would love to see Kati slap Lindt.

Thats all for now. I happen to be really wordy with these things so bear with me!
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Big changes for the blog

I tried not to steal Rivens thunder and let her make her first post before i congratulated her. Telling the truth i dont really wanna make another post right after either, but theres a few more bits of update.

First off, i'll try to add Clannad to my list of shows. Im a little behind and may not post the day the episode. i might also drop it when school picks up again. The blog name has also changed to accomidate this

My main goal of adding riven is to hopefully get more readers with a bigger selection of anime. We are both english speaking so no chance to have raw reviews like many of the other bloggers. I still hope to provide new insite on the world of anime through our eyes. Unfortunately i cannot accomedate Riven's name into the URL without messing up the links to our blogs so i'm leaving it as

And a added note for people who dont know this blog well. If a post is long i will hid most of it. so if you see a post with only a few lines, chances are i hid the rest, so click read more to see it in full. It also seems to have disappeared from ep 9. just click the title.

Anime list

-gundam 00

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The New Writer

I am Riven Uchiwa, better known as the poster Riven! SeedFreedom has asked me to contribute to his blog due to the fact that he has no time and I have enough to write all the stuff that he can't. So I'm here for a while and all of us will have some fun while I watch Gundam 00, and chronicle D. Grey-Man, Kuroshitsuji and maybe even Kurogane no Linebarrels cause I'm cool that way. Anyway, I'll start with D. Grey-Man episode 1 and go on from there. SeedFreedom will be doing the Gundam 00 posts most of the time and I will be adding in my comments. I have to do Episodes 9 and 10, but thats fine with me. SeedFreedom and I will be posting soon! Read more!