Saturday, December 13, 2008

The New Writer

I am Riven Uchiwa, better known as the poster Riven! SeedFreedom has asked me to contribute to his blog due to the fact that he has no time and I have enough to write all the stuff that he can't. So I'm here for a while and all of us will have some fun while I watch Gundam 00, and chronicle D. Grey-Man, Kuroshitsuji and maybe even Kurogane no Linebarrels cause I'm cool that way. Anyway, I'll start with D. Grey-Man episode 1 and go on from there. SeedFreedom will be doing the Gundam 00 posts most of the time and I will be adding in my comments. I have to do Episodes 9 and 10, but thats fine with me. SeedFreedom and I will be posting soon!


SeedFreedom said...

Welcome! Welcome!

Riven said...

lies! i am riven!

Riven Uchiwa said...

Oh! So you are the real Riven. I just have a few questions for you before I take your name and all.

First: Why did you pick such a name?
Second: What are your views on Gundam 00?
Third: Who comes in the tenth episode of 00 that you would really enjoy seeing?
Fourth: What do you know about Kuroshitsuji and D. Grey-Man?
Fifth: Do you know what Kurogane no Linebarrels even means?

Thank you for answering all these questions and sorry for the inconveniance.