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Gundam 00 ep. 9

Alright so Episode 9 of Gundam 00 is mine for now. So lets start my review!

Ali Al Saachez (the bastard who was supposed to be dead) is still alive starts a battle with the gundams by sending out the GN Fangs. Setsuna and Tieria proceed into battle only to find that these are much faster than their predecessor. Setsuna rushes in and faces his old enemy, however when Ali's Thone Gundam knocks the 00 away, Tieria steps in to continue where Setsuna left off. Once Ali cuts off Serevee's shoulder cannons, Tieria goes into hand to hand battle, however he uses an arm with a beam saber that is hidden in the Serevee's leg to fend off Saachez. Ali manages to block this awsome yet cheap shot with a beam saber that is hidden in his gundam throne's feet. Some how the over powered Throne is able to hold off both gundams and even send out the fangs for a second round before the Arios and Cheridum come out as back up. Ali decides that he doesn't want to enter a four-on-one battle so he hightails it out of there, with Serevee in persuit, however before they can go far Allelujah in the Arios stops Tieria. Tieria yells at Allelujah asking him why he is being stopped from avenging Lockon. Regardless of everything else, we find that Ali is still alive and breathing no matter how much we don't want him to.

At the party, we find Ribbons telling Regene that the party is ruined and it is all his fault. Regene however takes no time to point out that it was Ribbons who made Tieria angry. Regene actually goes so far as to scold Ribbons, because he beleives that if Ribbons had behaved himself they could have made Tieria an ally, however Ribbons points out that he wants Celestial Being to oppose them. Hilling Care notes that the more Celestial Being decides to act, the more support A-Laws gains. Regene promptly changes the subject to inquire if Celestial being came up with the Twin Drive System or if Aeolia Schenberg gave it to them like the Trans-Am System. Ribbons doesn’t think that it really matters because Revive Revival will prove it will still be inferior to the Gadessa. At around the same time Wang Lui Mei is being driven home from the party. After she gets the news that Setsuna and the others got away she comments that she can't wait to see the showdown between the Gundam Meisters and the Innovators.

Also gone from the disaster of the party are Louise and Andrei. Louise feels better now and Andrei tells her to get some rest because they will be participating in the Gundam persuit opperation when they return. Since Andrei has read Louise's file he knows about how her parents were killed by Gundams and wonders if she is only out for revenge. Louise at this moment is thinking about Setsuna and his connection to Celestial Being when she sees Mr. Bushido's custom Ahead fly by the craft in the oppostie direction.

Meanwhile on Poltemiaos, Sumeragi decides that they should go back to space because she forcasts that the enemy will surround them in 12 hours. This is also because if they return to Lagrange 3, they can do repairs and pick up the gundam's support items. While everyone is preparing to return to space, Setsuna tells Saji about his meeting with Louise and their conversation. Before Setsuna can inquire about Saji contacting her, Lyle, or Lockon, whichever you prefer, and Tieria show up. Lyle, as I will call him so that there will be no confusion, or I might also call him Fake Lockon, I have not decided, asks about the Throne Gundam Tieria's previous comment about avenging Lockon, Neil, or the Real Lockon. Thus Tieria tells Lyle about how Ali Al Saachez killed Lockon and Lyle presses to hear more.

On the A-LAWSShip, Lidnt goes over his plan to use six Trilobites to attack the Poltemaios. A little bit of overkill is needed cause no one can beat a ship that is armed with a few missiles and a sheild that has almost been destroyed countless times in the first 9 episodes. Anyway, Kati thinks that air superiority should be priority and Lidnt thinks that there is no way that the enemy will leave the sea. Before the sleeves can be rolled up, the gloves taken off, and the corners set up Revive points out that since the ship can enter the atmosphere than maybe it can go the other way. Kati agrees and suggests that this may be possible with the Trans-Am System, how they know the name is beyond me. Lidnt gets angry because he believes that he is being ridiculed after Revive suggests that the enemy commander may have already figured out their orthodox strategy. Of course Revive has a licence which makes him a one man army very much like the one and only Mr. Bushido. When questioned about it by Kati, Revive tells her not to worry and that he will follow her orders.

Back on the Poltemaios, Tieria finishes telling Lyle about how Neil tried to avenge
his family by going after Saachez. Lyle tells us how he admires his brother however he could never obssess over something that happened 10 years ago. In response, Setsuna questions if that’s true even if the enemy were right there, and he goes on to admit how he was a member of the KPSA and totally ruins this little heart to heart. He reveals that one of his comrades at the time was the very person who blew himself up in the attack that claimed the lives of the Dylandy family, and Setsuna feels that if he had stopped his comrade, Neil would have never become a Gundam Meister.

While this interesting mini heart to heart is going on the A-LAWS troops are starting to mobilize. Not knowing that this is actually happening Tieria is in one of the observation rooms and he has yet to actually report to Sumeragi about the party. Since Teiria says he is "thinking", which means totally confusing himself, Setsuna asks him to clarify what he was saying before about the Distortion he had found. Tieria's thoughts are completely clouded by Regene and Lockon's statements, and before he can explain, the alarm bells go off. Tieria was saved by the bell, literally. Anyway, as Tieria and Setsuna rush to their gundams, Sumeragi has the ship start rising to the surface of the water, and when the enemy starts firing missiles at them, she has Arios, Cheridum, and Serevee activate their Trans-Am. This has a similar effect on the ship and it goes rocketing off to space, or at least it does in a perfect world. This world is far from perfect and as the Ptolemaios breaks through the atmosphere, it’s hit by a massive shot from the waiting Gadessa. Though the ship is fine, the force of the blast changes the ship’s trajectory, and Sumeragi quickly realizes how good the enemy commander is. Kati with all her gundam fighting experiance, knows that the Trans-Am system has a time limit, and she has an A-LAWS unit waiting in space of course. That unit attacks right as the Trans-Am system reaches its limit, and this leaves the Ptolemaios vulnerable to enemy fire. Fortunately, Sumeragi had anticipated this and had sent the 00 Gundam out earlier, and it obliterates the A-LAWS cruiser. The remaining A-LAWS mobile suits retreat as a result. Before they leave one of the A-LAWS suits sends a message to the Poltemaios from Kati who expresses her respect for Sumeragi’s tactics and refers to her as Leesa Kujo. This triggers Sumeragi's memories from the past and she isn't happy to see that Kati has joind A-LAWS.
Back on Earth, after learning of the death of the commander of the A-LAWS cruiser that got destroyed, Homer Katagiri feels that he can’t allow any more sacrifices and will need the help of the Innovators. Ian meanwhile is being led to the 0 Raizer by his wife Linda, and he thinks that the 00 Gundam will be invincible with it.


Over all it was a good episode and I have to say that there were many points where I was totally enthralled. There were also some LAWLS moments like the Arm in the cannon. Either you have an arm or you have a cannon, not both. Also the re-appearance of Patricks stupidity on the battle field was a relief to see. He just got his head shot off again, like every other battle he had with the Gundams. We still havn't really seen much from the Gundams. I mean if Ali Al Saachez could beat two of them at once in his Throne Gundam, you know something is wrong. Finally one day I would love to see Kati slap Lindt.

Thats all for now. I happen to be really wordy with these things so bear with me!


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