Thursday, December 25, 2008

clannad s2 11

Tomoya is gradually getting better at his job with Yuusuke. At home he tries to find some time to spend with Nagisa, but Nagisa is taking the mock exams so she cant make it. They notice how they each are not matching up with the other. He ends up spending the day with Akio. Akio and friends messes around for a bit, before Akio buys a lizard to put down Sanae's shirt. They return to the bakery where Akio distracts Sanae and Tomoya puts the lizard down her shirt. They all spend the rest of the day running around town. At home, Nagisa asks tomoya to come with her to the founders festival. He agrees, but at work the next day they inform him he will be busier and may have to come in to work. Nagisa says shes fine, but Tomoya asks Yuusuke if they could take that day off, and he is happy to hear they arent needed that day. When he is about to go home however, the boss finds a project that was missed. He asks Tomoya to go and finish the project. Yuusuke meets him when he is finished and gives it a quick look over. The next day, the day of the festival, Tomoya finds out he made a mistake and Yuusuke is fixing it now. Tomoya rushes to help fix his mistake and is exhausted. He misses the festival, but is able to walk Nagisa home eating barbecue corn. He goes into work the next day thinking he will get fired, but to his surprise nobody really cares very much that he made a mistake and says its fine because it got fixed. His fellow co-workers jest that he missed a date and said he should ask them to fill in next time. He also gets a perminate name tag to hang on the work board.

Thinks are starting to turn against the couple, but their will and love are pulling them through. Glad to see the support that hes getting from his coworkers, but from the few scenes, Nagisa is still having a very difficult time at school.

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