Monday, December 15, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 ep 11

Riven did an excelent job with ep 9, and i'm leaving her with ep 10 as well. But onto episode 11


Maria once again talking with the children, is asked them what they want. One little girl says she wants to see her parents again, who are in Seel. Seel, being the country just destroyed by the new super weapon. Sergei and Wa lu Meing (who is now in the innovator base) are visibly shaken by the effect of the Memento Mori. Back at the asteroid, Teiria and Alleujah have calmed down as the 00 test are finishing. Its exceeding all expectations and setsuna says it is the power to change the world. Soon after, the Ploemy crew is just learning about the devastation from the Memento Mori and are now planning on taking it out. Kataron is devising a plan to attack with their entire space fleet, but they realize it could be pointless given the difference in number and power. Teiria takes this chance to tell the crew about innovators being the shadow moving the federation, A-laws, and taking over the world. He says it could be them that are deviating from Shoenbergs goals. When asked by Alleujah how that could be, and by Lockon why he waited until now to tell them, he doesn't , or misses a chance, to answer. He tries to tell them he is one of them, but is cut off by Sumeragi. Nena asks if Wang lu meing is now on the innovators side, and she responds that that type of thinking will not change the world, and that she isnt as special as she thinks she is. Nena however is still very upset that she is now siding with the man who killed her brothers. Manneqin meanwhile plans an attack and ambushes CB's asteroid base. Anew decides to stay with the ploemy and prepares to launch. Meanwhile Revive sends a signal into the ploemy. Its picked up by Marie, but she notes it wasn't for her. Instead, Anew is frozen for a second, but snaps out of it. Soon after the attack starts and many cannon fodder CB members are killed. those that survive are heading to escape pods and the gundams are launched. The battle starts and Kati has a few tricks up her sleeve including using cloaking sheets to hide heat signatures and ambushes the 00. Seravee tries to cover fire, but his cannon is completely deflected by Garazzo who later outpowers the seravee in a graple. The Gadessa launches a mega cannon attack and takes out the Pleomy's sheld, and the third hanger with Ian in it. Saji is sent to check on him. He finds him wounded, but alive. Ian tells Saji to get the Riser to setsuna, as it has been completed. Ian is taken to sick bay by his wife. Saji, with help from the red haro is able to bring Riser to 00, and they link up. This new form is much more than they expected and he kills Barack. With the Garazzo on his tail, he decides to access tran-am. This brings him to the out-of-body world, and Saji sees Louise. They are both asking why each other is part of the war.

And the award for lamest metaphorical out of body experience is... duh duh duh da! Gundam 00. Being naked is one thing, but being naked in a sitting position is just wrong.
Seems the upgrades to the Cherudim and seravee is complete. Not sure yet if the upgrade is the bit system ive been dying to see, as that has been installed in the Cherudim since the beginning. Never the less it could mean it isn now active. The same goes for Seravee's second form. The 00 is now offically competeing for favorite suit of 00, and maybe even challange the Wing Zero for Favorite suit ever. the new Riser form is increably beautiful. Only thing i dislike is the direct presence of Saji. While Saji being a pilot gives him much more character, putting him out in battle every episode might make Setsuna look a lot less awesome. Id prefer a remote pilot system so Setsuna would be the only one there. Never the less, this means Saji will die before the end of the series. His death flag is now at a million. The 00-riser also isnt pwning as much as i would like. I miss the old days where Gundams acutally were strong and the best suits out on the battle field. Too many suits in 00 are on par with the gundams (gn-xIII and ahead) while the Garazzzo and Gadassea are clearly ahead (no pun intended). The arugement becomes "do you really want them to overpower everything like god-freedom". Frankly, yes. That is why i watch gundam. I understand if they add a few suits as the main boss/enemy, but dont make every damn MS a gundam. As well, we also know where the giant hole in the sky shown in the ending is from as it looks the same as the hole made by Memento Mori

Riven's Reactions:

I have to say that this episode really dissappointed me. Since Sergei lived there is no way that Marie is to live since it is said that she will be piloting the GN Archer. Also I totally agree with SeedFreedom that Saji will die. I have to say that the 0-Riser really didn't do too much for me. It was really depressing because in the end it only made the 00 faster, there was no strength to it. I also have to say that is even with the 0-Riser the 00 couldn't beat Mr. Bushido without Trans-Am. That just sucks. I'm upset that Hallelujah made no appearance this week, but he should be there in the future so that really excites me because I want to see what he will do next. I can't wait to see what they do next because as of right now, the series is full of too much cheese and they really haven't lived up to the expectations they gave me due to the last season.

Weekly rankings:
00 + 50 = 60. 00 Riser = pure win.
Saji + 10 = 15. He did something! yay!. now lets hope i dont have to see his face every time Setsuna fights

awaiting cherudim, Seravee, and Arios upgrades

Gundam Picture Of The Week:
from KiNA

Sorry, it has to be the epic 00-riser


SeedFreedom said...

I've gotten some info that the Aheads and Gn-X III are powered at 140, compared to the original gundams at 100, and the new gundams at 150.

The GN-X III and Ahead are almost gundams. that sucks.

Riven Uchiwa said...

I'm still dissapointed in the gundams so far. They really have to step up their game.