Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clannad s2 ep 10

The junk doll is still trying to build the flying machine so that he can leave with the girl. Back in our world, Tomoya wakes up from a dream where everyone is leaving him. When he gets up, he almost puts on his school uniform, before remembering he graduated. Tomoya and Nagisa's parents are discussing what he is going to do from now on. Akio offers Tomoya a job at the bakery, however he cant afford to pay him very much. Tomoya starts his work with Akio the next day, and sees Nagisa off back to her third year as a senior. As Sanae begins her tutoring and business slows at the bakery, Nagisa returns from school during her break to see Tomoya work. She doesn't end up in the same class as Misae or Tomoyo, but she is confident she can make new friends. Akio then suggest they use Sanae's bread as snowballs, which sets her off in one of her characteristic crying spells with Akio in tow. Tomoya realizes they do this routine also to cheer up Nagisa. After school Tomoya finds Nagisa's open house didn't go very well. To make things worse, everyone is already aware that Nagisa is repeating for the third time. Tomoya starts to think that his encouragement might also be putting too much pressure on Nagisa to succeed. The club is closed because she failed to add anyone to her club.

On his way home from a chore for Sanae, he runs into Yuuske. They chat shortly about his graduation, and Fuuko's condition. Tomoya is looking at apartments when he runs into Kyou and Ryou on their way back from school. He mentions he wants to move out of Nagisa's place but its too expensive. Ryou brings up that a friends brother is moving out and that he is selling his place cheap. Tomoya runs to Yuuske and asks him for a job. He informs Akio that he will be moving out and while playing catch (with a real baseball) Akio tells him that he will always be there if he needs help. Tomoya asks if one day he could take Nagisa with him, and Akio saids it is her decision. The game is broken up when Akio accedently breaks a window. Akio and Nagisa help Tomoya move in furniture, and Nagisa stays to cook for him. She tells him to tell his father about the move, and he promises he will.

The next day Tomoya goes to work, but drops his tool on his first shift. He is exausted at the end of the say, and while he tries to listen to Nagisa talk about her day, he starts to drift off to sleep

Well, the world is starting to become a lot more real for Tomoya. He has to deal with a real labour job and has already moved out. He's already thinking (and in my opinion acting like) his future with Nagisa. I wonder if he can even do the job with the injury. The world also isnt being very kind to Nagisa. She's having a hard time fitting in, and already has the club closed. Given the difficulty keeping it open last year, this doesn't come as a surpise.

Key has always produced top quality material, so i expect great things ahead.

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