Monday, December 22, 2008

gundam 00 s2 ep 12


The 00-riser (i`ll just call it the 00 from now on) is in trans-am mode and takes out a few suits. 00 engages the Garazzo and handily beats him. However Bring manages to eject in time. The Seravee and Cherudim also manage to take out a few suits. However it isn`t long before the numbers start to get to them. Luckly, the 00 is able to bail them out as well. He then goes for the Gadessa, and while it looked like Bring stabs Setsuna for a minute, it turns out the 00 can dematerialize and rematerialize so he manages to avoid the attacks and destroys the Gadessa. Bring however also manages to eject. Ribbons is shocked at the abilities of the 00. When Wang tries to comfort him, he slaps her. Regene is smiling. Saji undocks with the 00 and tries to go to louise, but the riser is out of power and he sits motionless in space. Meanwhile Louise has gone insane and starts to believe that Saji was always her enemy and has always been with Setsuna and CB. With the defeat of the Innovators, a retreat is ordered. Alleujah informs them everyone on the escape pods are safe, as is Ian.

Anew is still with CB and shows no signs of being with the innovators. Back at polemy, Saji blames Setsuna again, saying CB`s wars made Louise into what she is. Setsuna tells him to fight, to get back Louise and himself. Saji punches him, saying hes not one of them. Lyle has overheard all of this and tells Setsuna to be more straight foreword next time. Saji looks over the text message Louise sent him about waiting for her in space, and begins to cry.

At the A-LAWS base, officers are cleaning out Genin`s locker and remembers how he told her about his wife being killed by Kataron. Andrei comes in, claiming he heard Louise talking with someone in space, an enemy. She denies this and says that CB is her enemy. Andrei grabs her hand and says that she shouldn't be in A-LAWS.`Louise grabs his arm with her robotic one and begins to crush it. Louise then leaves.

Revive is still upset that he lost to a human, and wonders why Ribbons didn't warn them about 00`s power. When Ribbons send them a telepathic message that their new mission is to capture the 00, and that he is sending two more innovators, Revive begins to wonder weather Ribbons knew himself.

The memento Mori is fired again at another middle eastern country. This time there is a nearby refuge camp with a million people in it. Shirin is furious at this.

At the federations base, Sergei is ordered a gag order to keep quite about the Memento Mori. While he protest, his superior doesn't budge and assigns him to keep everyone quite. Sergi wonders is he should still follow orders.

the Polemy learns of the second shot and rushes repairs on the ship and the gundams so they can begin to attack. Teria checks with Malena about the state of Seravee, and Lyle wonders if his comrades are ok. Saji meanwhile tries to run away again so he can find Louise. He manages to bluff his way past Marie, saying he was needed somewhere and get inside the riser. When he is about to take off, he remembers Tieria's words and the deaths he caused last time he ran away. Unknown to him, Setsuna was watching the whole time. Louise deletes all her pictures of Saji.

Kataron tries to launch an attack on the Memento Mori, but it fires again, into space. It destroys half of Katarons fleet and leaves everyone stunned.

Action-wise, one of the best episodes. the 00 proved to be as powerful as everyone expects and even has teleportation powers. The other gundams also shown they can take out a few suits themselves. We still havent seen much of the Arios, but expect the Archer to give it a boost. Louise now needs to die even more then ever. She now gives off a mix of Shinn and Stellar, the two worst charcters in seed. Saji also dipped back into the awful catagory, luckly it seems teria got to him and he didnt launch. Forget what i said about Lyle turning on CB for Kataron. That no longer looks really possible. Kataron is too weak and getting weaker. They also seem to realize they need CB to accomplish their goal. A turncoat isnt out of the picture, but it's looking less likely. Speaking of turncoats, the fate of Anew is still in question. People doubting the girl in the cloth in the ending are now convinced that it is Anew, and i am too. I hope she ends up turning of the Innovators, perhaps due to love of Lyle. This means no happy ending for Feldt however, but she seems happy enough without a guy. On another note, it looks like Regene will plan a coop and seize control of the innovators. Character rankings will be up... eventually.
(on a side note, riven is rubbing off on me, my post are getting longer and longer hehe)

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Anonymous said...

WTF!? why is there a picture of a naked guy?!?

SeedFreedom said...

Because... i dont know. Its not new to Gundam to have the out-of-body-pilot experience thing.