Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hayate no Gotoku S2 - 2


After Nagi loses the race, Klus refuses to budge on his bet and fires Hayate. Nagi tries to convince Klus of how much progress she made even though she came in second, but when that fails she fires Klus for failing to guide Hayate as the head butler. He gives in, especially when Maria doesn't back him up because of the sailor moon dress up she had to wear. He decides to give Hayate a second chance by completing a butlers trial. Hayate leaves for the training, and runs into a strange Nun. She steals the loose change Hayate drops, but redeems herself when she saves him from a manic otaku. However she looses it when she asks for a reward. Hayate gets to the church where his trials are, and runs into the same nun. She tells him to find a party of four and to help him on his way. Nagi, who came looking for him, is the first. He tries to convince Hina to join as well, but shes still mad about what he did during the race. While he leaves, Yukiji overhears and becomes the second. They also run into Saki, who recommends Wataru and so their party is complete.


I can't say Hayate's chances are too good with that party. Im more worried about Hina and Hayate slipping, oh my poor fanboy heart. Apparently this is all setting up something so i'll keep my fingers crossed.

The biggest difference is that this season seems to move away from the random jokes and references for the plot. It makes it more of a standard comedy anime. The plot is good and it still is funny, but oh season one you will be missed a little.

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