Tuesday, May 26, 2009

K-On - 6

I'll add all the pictures to my K-ON post later when i have a solid interwebz.


So the day of the festival finally approaches and Mio is trying to find everyone. Nobody however is practicing. Yui, still mission her voice, is helping out a friend at a food booth. Ritsu and Mugi are helping out with a haunted house. Hilarity ensues when Mio goes in to look for Mugi dressed as a ghost.

Nanoka convinces Yui to finish up early to help Mio and she gets Ritsu. When they reach the club room they find Mio singing on her own. They finally get in a quick practise before the concert. Sawa arrives complete with cute outfits for the club, god bless her heart :). Yui and Mugi, well mostly Mugi move all the equipment into place with Mio a wreck still. Ritsu tells about Mios past and how she is partly to blame for her shyness. Afterwards with Mio failing one last time to get out of singing, Ritsu manages to calm everyone down with some pointless MCing.

They finally prepare to go on stage. After a short delay, and a inspirational speech from Yui she finally sings. The concert is played as a Music video and goes off without a hitch. Just as Mio is about to leave the stage, she trips and accidentally flashes the audience. They loved it and Mio now has her own fanclub, but she is a wreck.


Very fun episode. I wasn't quite expecting a concert ep so quick but i'm really glad they did. This gives them time to squeeze in one or two more before the end of the series. Seeing how fast they're moving, it will likely be an anime original ending. Yui's VA did a good job at faking a sore voice, too good. I felt liked punching her a few times. As for the acutal concert, i know a few people are pissed we didn't get to see them on stage and saw the MV instead, but i enjoyed it. I liked the song, but didn't love it. Here's hoping the next one is better.

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SeedFreedom said...

I've seen the next concert before this episode. i do have to say the next one wasn't better than this. It wasn't bad and the tag team of Mio and Yui was nice, but i'm looking for something better than dont say lazy for the final concert.