Sunday, June 21, 2009

K-ON Final Review

So the times have come and gone, and the series is over, although you would never know it if you followed this blog. I might get around to the episodes, but i doubt it.

Anywho lets get right into this shall we?


Overall the characters were pretty good. My only complaints were the constant harassment of Mio. Like the writers couldn't decide weather to make her a pushover like Mikiru or a strong willed girl like Hinagiku. Overall i must say i enjoyed Mio the most, followed closely by Ritsu. The pair are just wonderful together. Yui never really sold me, Mugi seemed to be lacking in the character department besides her being rich. Azusa didn't bring anything i liked that Mio didn't have, and i cant root for the competition. Everyone else wasn't around enough.


The artwork i felt was pretty good through out. Although with KyoAni you don't really expect anything else. It did look weird when they tried to make them look realistic with the mouth singing thing, but it was overall very good.


What can i say, the songs are what hook a lot of people into the show. I for one knew that the music portion of this series would be overhyped, but the song they did have were amazing. The ED for this show hooked me instantly and i love it so much. The VA for Mio has such an amazing voice. I did hope to see a new song at the end of ep 12, but you cant win them all.

Voice Acting:

This is the area that really impressed me the most. Yōko Hikasa the voice actress for Mio is very very impressive. I have just fallen in love with her voice, and her singing voice in particular. I really hope this turns into a launching pad for her career and i get to see more of her in the future. For the rest of the cast, they were decent, but not spectacular. However given the fact that they are all amateurs, they did very very well.


The plot started strong, but kinda teetered off. That is to be expected as the types of jokes they were using do tend to get old fast. Coupled by the fact that the harassment of Mio was a little overdone it was kinda a week point for the show. It still managed to entertain, but not much more.

Overall this was a strong show, very entertaining. I really wanted to watch it every week and is the only show i kept up with. However a weak plot did really hurt it, as well as a short script keeps it from greatness. Ironically for once i enjoyed the anime original plot in ep 11 which is weird, but i guess im a sucker for yuri undertones. I will also admit Mio saved this show quite a bit. Without her and her amazing VA, it would have been a major fail.


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