Monday, May 18, 2009

K-on - 5

Arrival of Super Teacher.

A very dangerous shot

Is this... Heaven. It must be

Gai's husband.

The School Festival is approaching, but the K-ON club faces a bigger problem. Ritsu never filled out the forums so technically the club doesn't exist. Luckily, Nonoka is part of the student council and agrees to help the club out. However they still need to find a teacher advisor for the club.

The decide to go for Sawako-Sensei as she is popular with the student body and a music teacher. However when they mention they've seen a picture of an old club that resembles her, she make a run for the club room to get the photo. Unfortunately Ritsu has already taken the photo. While the rest of the club tries to win her over, Ritsu automatically goes for the blackmail approach. Here we learn about Sawako's past. See tries to date a guy who likes wild girls, but she takes it too far and he ends up dumping her again. Sawako decides to become the advisor and is surprised that they don't even have any lyrics for their song.

Later that night, Mio in a very cute ponytail and earphone combo, writes up a song. The fluffy lyrics leave Ritsu and Sawako squirming. Yui however loves them, and Mugi is too, erhem, distracted to disagree. Sawako sees this chance to lighten her appearance. Outnumbered, Ritsu folds. Yui also becomes the singer as Mio is too embarrassed to sing. Yui however can't handle singing and playing at the same time so Sawako takes her for training. It works, sort of. She can multi-task, but she losses her voice from all the training. So in the end, they turn back to Mio.


Oh Mio how to tease with your shyness. Sawako seems to the the first real competition to Mio's extreme popularity. I gotta admit she does have some likable traits but her lack of real dedication to K-ON is a little unexpected due to all the talk about her.

Note: I'm up to date with the episodes, but i haven't had time to make the post so i should have them up soon because of the long weekend, but not guarantee.

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