Monday, November 10, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 06

No time for a recap, plus im sure there are a billion places to find it. We have an evolution of the brighto slap into the Sergei punch, the Teiria slap, and the annoying guy slap on Sergei. We got a nice taste of Sumeragi's past and we now know she was somewhat responsible for her boyfriends death due to friendly fire. Lets see what else gets revealed. Finally saji is starting to gain some sense and seems to want to fully join CB. We have andrei starting to fall in love with Louise LAWLS. That perfectly sets up Soma to switch sides when next ep seems like the usual island meeting. Looking at updating the match ups, we can guess it will be Saji as polemy gunner vs louise, probably Tieria vs Ali, Bushido vs Setsuna, and Andrei vs Alle. i Still cant see anyone to go up against Lyle yet, and may be doubled up against Ali, or even andrei, as the arios and cherudim are flying close to each other most of the time.

Teiria + 5 = 0 (finally breaking even)
soma + 8 = 31
Sumeragi + 5 = 30
Andrei - 100 = -95 (Falling for louise just makes you instant fail)
Louise = way too low to be rated. I will only be happy with her character if she dies a slow painful death.

Seems like the girls are closing the gap to Feldt, but even if her ranking isn't top, shes still going to be my favorite girl.

Gundam pic of the week!
(these will be either snapshots, or a funny image from Anime suki. I will post the username above the picture to give them proper credit)

By: Celestial

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Riven said...

Lalws on the pic of the week!

Why does every single character that I want dead live and the ones I want to live die? It upsets me greatly. I am so sad to say that Allelujah has offically turned pathetic for he can't see past his nose, to see that Soma is going to KICK HIS @**! I don't agree that Soma will turn over next week because she JUST re-realized that she is a super soldier and a weapon. Maybe she will be forced into thinking about switching sides but she won't do it just yet.

I still hope that Alle turns up his cool/awsome factor soon and stops being pathetic....though right now it's a small hope. I can;t help being an Alle fan-girl even if he does suck at this point :p