Friday, November 14, 2008

Clannad S2 Ep 5

Tomoya and Nagisa are visiting Sunohara who is getting scolded by Misae for trying to sell her cat. After chatting and running into Tomoyo who is reciving advice on how to run the school council Tomoya notices how the boys look up to her, noting that she smells nice and is caring of others. She notes how someone else in her past had said that about her. As Nagisa and Tomoya are preparing to leave, Misae instead takes this oppertunity to send Sunohara back to his room so she can speak with Nagisa and Tomoya alone. She saids how Sunohara has mentioned that they do not go on dates much and gives them tickets to the festival. As the night goes on, Tomoya starts to fall asleep and gets a vision from the cat of Misaes past. Misae is attending the same school as tomoya in the present and is waiting to "accedently" bump into her crush. When she does, he notices a boy behind her and assumes hes Misae's boyfriend. the boy introduces himself as Shima and is here to grant Misae one wish, in return for cheering him up when he was in the hospital. She however is skeptical and asks his to leave. He doesnt give up however and is waiting for her infront of the school the next day after school, causing another misunderstanding with Misae's crush. Shima saids he can use the wish to make the crush fall in love with Misae, but she refuses saying its not right to tamper with feelings. The next day he walks her to school in the rain and Misae saids he should use his powers to make the rain stop. He saids however he only has one wish and its for her. Even though he cant remeber what she said or did to cheer him up, he feels it was very important never the less. Later that day, he runs into the crush. He reveals to Shima that he already has a girlfriend, but doesnt have the heart to hurt Misae and asks Shima to break the news gentely so her feelings arent hurt. When he meet up with Misae, she sees he is visably depressed. She asks if its about a girl she likes, and suprisingly saids yes. He explains the situation, without using names, and Misae tells him to use the chance to grab her on the rebound. Shima refuses to take advantage of that type of situation and asks her if she would in his position. Its then the crush walks by a short distance away and realizes he is talking about her. She wonders why he cares so much about her and runs off.


A very nice follow arc after a rather disapointing siblings arc that had me raging more than caring. While she does fit the "overly agressive tsundere catagory", she has a charm about her. Shima is heavily hinted to be the cat, a story element that is not unknown to key *cough* Makoto *cough*. I was a bit skeptical on how they planned to work in side characters while fleshing out a full long story arc that everyone is expecting. However this ep was shown to be very touching and my favorite ep of the second season so far. I found myself caring for the characters once again like in the first season. Shima is a wonderfully likeable character. Knowing keys, they will find some happy medium which Shima will probably turn into the cat and never be seen again, but still be able to be by Misae. I really reccommend this series and definatley pick up the original as well.

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