Monday, November 17, 2008

Gundam 00 s2 ep 7

Well, the subs are still very very late, so i have yet to see the hi-res version and have resorted to streaming

Well, this moves things along quite nicely. We have many crucial events happening. First, 00 failing. No uber suit for setsuna, but i would bet that it gets fixed before his final fight. Kind of hard to believe Bushido technically beat setsuna, even if it was by waiting for 00 to blow itself out.
Major allelujah x Marie (as she is called now). Really wasn't expecting things to move that fast, and in retrospect kind of wish they didnt. Maybe more of a athrun getting captured, taken to the ship, slowly fall in love thing would have been nicer. As for Maries new personality, kinda still half half on this one. For one, she is much softer, and fits well with her new look. On the other hand, shes too soft at times, like a marshmallow. Ill leave her ranking neutral for this ep, but shes in a very sway position. I'll wait to see what kind of role she continues to play now that she will most likely join CB. This unfortunately raises both death flags for Marie and Sergei. former because it will set up alle's final fight, Sergei because hes dodged death too much. Kind of like Neil. He kept coming back till he bit the dust finally.

Ill also leave Saji's rating neutral for this ep, but his bought of weakness puts him on the boarder line, mostly because i didnt think he would, or should be a gunner anyways.

Character rankings
alle - 20 = -15 (for saying marie for 5 minutes. )
Lyle + 15 = 20 (for the major lawl line at the end. "all this time you were off with a girl" lol)
sergei + 5 = 15
00 - 15 = 10 (for getting shot down)
all of plotmy bridge + 10 LAWLS
sumeragi + 10 = 40(above)

Random picture of the week
(just to peave off riven) (from random curiosity blog:

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Riven said...

And Peave me off it does! I mean she is supposed to die and he is supposed to live on and stay very much single. Gah! I've been trying to watch this ep forever but I keep doing something to mess it up! I keep having to reload!

Of course Setsuna never listens and his suit overloads and Tieria is tres concerned with the disappearance of Alle after all of the trouble they went through to get him. I also say that Lyle and Tieria should have found him way faster than Smirnov found them. I mean they have Gundams for god sakes! Marina get a - 15 billion for being a wuss in my eyes.....she wasn't high on the scale to begin with. It's good to see that nothing has changed between Saji and Setsuna. Setsuna still says his last name when he adresses him. I have to agree with Sumeragi at the end of the episode. They are so totally LALWS. Lyle's comment would have been funny if I wasn't so peaved

I seriously hate how this was al MarieXAllelujah. Alle is all mine and he turned kinda useless without Halle by his side. I have to see what I think of him as the series progresses.If he keeps up this whole "Marie, Marie, Marie" thing I will have to shoot something. Every second word out of his mouth is her name. It is starting to get seriously annoying. I will have to see if I'm going to be an Allelujah fan girl for much longer.

Riven said...

Wow that was one long post. I sure am angry!

SeedFreedom said...

ROFL nice rant. I cant say marina is being too wussy. her country did burn to the ground.

and i have many many more pictures XD

(may be my new favorite gundam couple, and it has nothing to do with you not liking it)

Riven said...

How are they a good couple? They are way to lovey dovey. Every other word out of their mouths is each other's names. It would have been so much better if Sergei had actually shot her and then the final battle would be Alle vs. Sergei. It would have been pathetic on Alle's part but it would have been better. I can't write motr now but you shall be hearing more from me!

SeedFreedom said...
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SeedFreedom said...

and about Marie x Alle. Yes, they are too lovey dovey, but they look perfect for each other. Besides, we havent had a open gundam couple in a long, long time.

SeedFreedom said...

Actually, Omni from random curiosity said he thought Lyle would have shot down Sergei as he was leaving. Fortunately this isnt Geass and they dont just WTF everyone and actually have a workable plot.

sorry, this post is suppose to be above that one but i had to edit it and there's no edit button

riven said...

Lyle could have shot down Sergei but it's cool that he didn't. I say that this couple thing can't last the way it is. We still haqve many episodes for me to kill myself because MarieXAllelujah has put me over the edge. Everyone has become so different that it makes me kinda sick. They may end up ruining a good anime series by changing too much.

SeedFreedom said...

Not much was really changed. It was quite obvious from the beginning that they would end up together. This also isnt the first time we've seen Alle become pathetic in from of his former comrades.(e.g. super soldier factory) I also dont see Alle backing down after finding her. If anything he will start to have a stronger resolve to protect her. I also dont think the over amount of cheese in the last ep will carry over. Even if it does, i think this gundam series (and gundam in general) will make up for it. You should watch wing and see the over amount of cheese some of those seens oozed. Dont give up on the series yet. At best just try to imagine alle died and was replaced. I'll run out of people to argue with :)

riven said...

I think that Marie will die....just a prediction. Also Saji and Louise must die! They have so much to die for, like my mental sanity. If the same amount of cheese goes on for the rest of the sereis I will kill something.

SeedFreedom said...

Well, Saji can still redeem himself in my mind. But yes Louise must die, a slow painful death. And if any more cheese gets on this series, FONDUE

SeedFreedom said...

hmm actually an interesting plot idea just formed. What if alle dies before the end of the series, and Marie takes over as pilot? Not very likely, and defiantly not rivens favorite path, but i cant rule it out completely as she is a competent pilot. Just something to think about.

Riven said...

blah blah blah i'm obsessed with anime guys blah blah blah

SeedFreedom said...

lol, a little impatient for the next ep huh? Im still on my work comp so i havent downloaded it yet. probably put the post up tomorrow, but i'll aim for tonight.

Riven Uchiwa said...

I love the other riven. Doesn't respond to the post I left for them on my first post and now I realize that they are using the name to insult the fact that I'm not happy with part of gundam because it is just that cheezey. I mean get a life.