Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funimation sucks

Seems like Funimation has found a new way to annoy me. They are now sending C&D (cease and desist) notices to fansubbers of Soul Eater making finding fansubs really hard. If you have watched Slayer Revolution, they tried this strategy and anonymous fansubs started relasing them and streaming it. Soul eater being more popular will probably follow suit and i'll probably still be able to watch it, but this peeves me off none the less.

I dont know if these studios are being, stupid, determined, or righteous, or some mix of those. They may feel guilty if they dont take action, which is their right to try and protect their property, But if they think this acutally works, they're nuts. What this does is lower the quality of fansubs as fans cannot give feedback to the subbers on how to make a more enjoyable show.

Other known titles affected are:
D.Gray-man (All - FUNi is the licensor).
Eva Rebuild 1.0 (for NTV)
Spice and Wolf


Riven said...

NO! NOT D. GREY-MAN! I love that!

SeedFreedom said...

well, like my post said, its not very hard to still find them, just more annoying.

SeedFreedom said...

For the annoying little idiot that just posted, what my real complaint is not that "zomg i gotta pay for something". its that these C&Ds are sent before the license is announced so we dont get a chance to watch them. I do like the strategy that Crunchyroll uses and release them online the same time it does in japan for a price.