Sunday, April 19, 2009

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Episode 03


Well this episode was virtually the same as the beginning episode for last time. Ed and Al travel to Lior because they hear about a priest that can perform miracles. So once they are in the city they are eating something and when Al stands up he knocks over a radio. What do our two hero's use to fix it? Why Alchemy of course! So the towns people watch as Al turns the radio back to new and they start to talk about how he performed a miracle like the priest, father Cornello. Well the insults to Ed start off early again as the people once again decide that Al is the Full Metal Alchemist.

So Ed and Al go to check out Cornello and find that his miracles don't follow the rule of equivalent exchange. They also find out that the priest can supposedly bring the dead back to life, which we already know is a sore subject for the two brothers. The two walk into the church to meet Rose, a girl who is devoted to the church, and to Cornello's teachings and talk of bringing the dead back to life. Ed precedes to sit down and list off all the ingredients that make the adult human body, also commenting that it could all be bought with a child's pocket money. (a part that I really enjoyed last time and even more this time.) Rose of course is angered by this due to her great belief in father Cornello and God.

The Elric brothers request a meeting with Cornello which he agrees to, but he has some of his followers try to kill the Elrics once they arrive at the meeting place. Ed quickly dispatches of the two guys that are covering him and Al punches the guy with the gun in the face (which as always was quite amusing). The gun falls by Rose's feet and ed yells back and forth with Cornello about transmutation and the Philosophers Stone (if you don't already know what that is well then you never really cared about the series). Ed, Al, and Rose stand there and Rose is ordered to shoot Ed, though once again she thinks the Full Metal Alchemist is Al. She shoots Al and they find nothing inside and Cornello explains that they commited the Taboo of Alchemy, Human Transmutaion.

So basically a bunch of stuff happens and we find out that Cornello's stone was only a fake, so Ed and Al are back to square one.


Well it was nice to see a redo of the origional first episode, but I didn't really enjoy it at all. I mean there were some really awsome parts like where Ed explains the make up of the human body and where we see the Homoculous at the end. Over all I'm liking brotherhood and I look forward to the next episode. Oh, final note. ROY MUSTANG RULES!


SeedFreedom said...

Thanks a lot. Cuse of exams i havent even seen it yet. i have so much catching up.

Riven Uchiwa said...

LOL. It's basically a repeat of the first episode but it wasn't as good. They left out a few things that they had last time

SeedFreedom said...

Finally caught the ep. I'll try to catch ep 4 tomorrow and post my recap then.

Onto the episode: it was pretty enjoyable. I loved this, even if it was short to begin with, story arc. I still can't get over how much they missed with the reading out of the ingredients of a human. It was done amazingly given two episodes in the first series. This one lacked impact because he already did it earlier, and the timing was wrong. I felt he should have done it right after rose said Cornello would revive her boyfriend.

Overall it wasn't done as bad as i fear, but it still could have been better. The show looks so different when mixed with comedy. Its not a bad touch, but it will take a little getting used to.