Monday, April 6, 2009

K-ON AKA the MOE-ist thing to ever hit this side of the earth

All hail Mio!

Recap: Yui is a new high school girl, in what appears to be an all girls school. She has no idea which club she wants to join, because she has never joined a club in her life. Meanwhile an energetic Ritsu is trying to join the "K-ON" or light music club. She drags her friend, Mio, with her to join, who actually wanted to join the literary club. They find that all the previous club members have all graduated and if they want to keep the club, they need to find four members or it gets closed. (Clannad anyone?) Ritsu waits in the club room for people to come and join. When a lost Tsumugi walks in looking for the choir club, she also gets roped in to joining the club. They go out for fast food (which Tsumugi seems to have never had) and discuss how to save their club. They decide to make posters and place them everywhere. The end of the month approaches and they are in danger of losing the club they never had. A hopeless Yui seems one of their posters and thinks that "light" means easy and decides to join. After finding out from her friend that "light" is a genre, she goes to tell them she can't join. She is scared of their reaction and after seeing the enthusiasm (mostly from Ritsu) she doesn't want to tell them off. She eventually does get it out and they desperately try to keep her in the room with tea, cookies, and a performance. Mio on bass, Ritsu is on the drums, and Tsumugi on the keyboard. After watching the performance she decides she wants to stay even though she doesn't know how to play. She asks if she can join as manager, but the others tell her that this is not like a sport team and they don't need a manager. They tell her they will teach her to play guitar. Yui's moment of happiness is short lived when she finds out she will have to buy a guitar and that it wont be cheap.

OMG MOE!!!! Yui, Ritsu, and Tsumugi are all very cute, however MIO IS MOEEEEEE. She is just soo cute and her singing in the ED is just amazing. This is one of the only shows i want to stay and watch the ED of. Onto the actual episode, the story isn't too new and innovative and kinda average, but its interesting and... hell the moe factor can make up for any plot errors. Nice cast of characters and i hope to be following this series all season.


Riven Uchiwa said...

Maybe I'll watch it....I have no clue what I'm going to do. Sounds interesting though.

SeedFreedom said...

I'll mention right now this is a MOE attraction show so it might not be your type. Still pretty funny though and worth giving the first ep a try.