Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick spring blog update

So this is how the spring blogging is looking so far.

SeedFreedom: (everything might be late due to exams)
Hayate no gotoku (May be up to a week late but i will try my best to get it out as soon as possible)
FMA (Riven and myself will be spitting the series in half. doing every other episode)
K-ON (i will be doing a max of three shows. This is the third in the line. If something great comes along i will drop this.)

Riven: (This is not finalized so maybe she can clear this section up.)
FMA (Half series with me)
Eye Shield 21 (maybe)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn (If she has the time)
- She is also dropping D-gray man

1 comment:

Riven Uchiwa said...

Thats pretty much it. I'm never sure what is going to happen but I can totally commit to FMA. I'm sorry to drop DGM but I can't find the first couple episodes so there is no point in me doing it.