Sunday, April 5, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist - Brotherhood Episode 01

YA-HA! I got here first! I'll get the recap up sometime but for now I'll just do my reactions! I'm also going to start Eyeshield 21 and forget D. Grey-Man. I don't think with all that is happening I'll be able to do that one since I mainly read not watch.


YA-HA! It was excellent! I was kind of amazed to hear Again by YUI as the opening. I never thought that they would use her for Full Metal, but it really does work. I like the upbeat nature to the song. I'm also really glad to hear another song by SID. The ending is "Uso" or "Lie", and although it seems to have a more laid back tone, the song fits well with where the anime is so far. I must say that it was good to hear Lockon again and that it seems like all the characters still hold thier old funny/annoying/awsome personalities. I noticed that Roy Mustang was a little bit more energetic this time around but I like that new addition. Hughes and Armstrong stayed the same, Armstrong with the hilarious tendancy to rip off his shirt at a moment's notice and Hughes annoying tendancy to show the picture of his wife and daughter to EVERYONE! Anyways it started off great with the Elric brothers already searching for the stone and as usual a bunch of people calling Ed short. As usual he totally flips, even at Hughes' daughter. I have high hopes for this anime and I hope it is as amazing as the last one!


SeedFreedom said...

lol Congrats. Ive been so busy i have a backlog of anime to watch (including this). This and K-ON are on my list of to watch.

Riven Uchiwa said...

I want to watch so much! I have no time but I'll have to make some for FMA's sake!

SeedFreedom said...

I've gotten the chance to see the first episode. Heres my reaction post from AnimeSuki:

I really had much higher expectations for this opener than it gave me. It was torn in half between being a renewal of the franchise and a recap for those who have seen it before. I mean they literally explained everything about Ed and Al's past in 10 mins. In the first season we didn't get to see Ed's metal arm until the very end of the first episode. I cant even remember how long it took them to show Al's missing body.

As mentioned, its also an anime original in a series that promises to stick to the story. I'd much prefer they redo the old storyline with Rose again as an opener than this.

Overall, it wasn't bad but i hated the pacing.

And a side note, i found Ali's voice for Hughes more unusual than Lockon's for Roy's, but i always felt Roy's VA was immensity talented throughout both seasons.

Riven Uchiwa said...

Hm....I really enjoyed it on the other hand. This episode brought a faster pace than last time and I only watched the last on in english so I can't say anything about the Voice acting.

SeedFreedom said...

Well apparently i cant listen for sh** because the voice actor for Hughes is the same as the one for the first season. I guess I've just gotten use to him as Ali.