Friday, April 24, 2009

k-On - 4


The girls ability to make faces never ends

Mugi has that stalker face

OMG a bird ate Yui

Am... i in heaven?

Yup, this must be heaven

Hurray for yuri Subtext

Recap: Mio finds a recording of the old K-ON club and decides that they need to hold a practice vacation in time for the school festival. Yui and Ritsu can only think about enjoying a summer vacation, and Mugi is happy as long as she can spend more time with others.

They all end up going to the beach villa by the ocean that Mugi's parents own. They secure only the smallest villa, but its still the size of a hotel. While Mio tries to get the equipment ready, Yui and Ritsu are already out having fun. Mio reveals that reason for the sudden need for practice is that the old club was very very good, and she feels that she doesn't want to loose to them. Seeing as how they can't get any practice in that day however, she decides to join them. Later on She desperately tries to get Ritsu and Yui to practice, but it still fails. After dark the group is having fun around a campfire with Yui playing around with her guitar in front of fireworks. Later she shows how she can play the same guitar portion of the previous club from only hearing it once.

After seeing Yui, Mio determines she may have been worried over nothing. As they go back to school, Mio isn't too pleased with some of the pictures Ritsu took :)

Another very moe heavy episode. seeing how Yui seems to be a natural genius with music I'm not too surprised that they will be ready for the concert at the school festival. Mio is still very awesome between angry and determined, to shy and embarrassed. For a fanservice beach episode this actually had more plot than the previous two. (minus the acutal buying of the guitar). Next episode looks to focus on the teacher (which i have heard a lot about) and Nonoka so it looks good.


Riven Uchiwa said...

I never seem to get around to watching this. Right now I'm watching 07-Ghost, Full Metal, and Eyeshield 21. I watch DGM when I get around to it. I'm taking this as you dropped Hayate because you never did get that post out :P

SeedFreedom said...

Lol. I havent, and most likely wont drop either the show or the blog, but i dont think there are a ton of people reading this anyways so i can be late as hell and nobody would know. I start work on monday so i'll be bored as hell during the weekdays so i'm going to marathon that and full metal during next week.

As for this show, [fanboy] OMG i love it! MIOOOOOOO FTWWWWWWW [/fanboy]

Riven Uchiwa said...

So does this mean that you have time and I can finally see you again? You have to stop by the school sometime! My first period and second period are jokes and fourth is my lunch! I miss you so much. I don't think that anyone reads this except for you and me.

SeedFreedom said...

Ive got work on the weekdays, but i'll have my weekends off.

Riven Uchiwa said...

YAYS! So glad to hear that! I'm catching up on DGM at the moment. I got pushed to watch it by a few Kanda AMV's. Then I'm on to another bunch of animes! I can't wait to see you. Now I'm all excited!