Saturday, April 18, 2009

K-On - 3

Exam Horror!

Who dares scare my Mio!

>Wow shes even worse than me.

Well if K-On gets disbanded she can always return to the WWE

Rejected by Mio. Lol double bump

Shes even good at video games


Yui starts more guitar practice and produces some extreme Mio moe moments using squeamish stories. As Yui starts to practice more cords, she completely forgets about midterms. Exam time comes and she is so distracted (from her guitar and other things) she fails miserably. Mugi and Mio manage to do pretty well (however we never see their grade). Surprisingly Ritsu also gets an A, but it is explained she begged Mio to cram with her the day before, as usually apparently. Things only get worse when the find out if she doesn't pass, the club will be shut down again, and she cant join in until she finishes the makeup exam in a week. Two days before the makeup the decide to all send her encouraging messages. That however turns out to be more a distraction then a benefit. The day before the exam. Yui admits that while she is studying more this time, she isn't sure if she can pass. The gang decides to go to her house to help her study. When they get there, they are surprised by how much more mature Ui is and how different she is from her sister. Mugi provides snacks and encouragement while Mio becomes her personal tutor. They study until Yui is ready to collapse. After the makeup, Yui looks burnt out. Luckily however she aced the exam and got perfect. However because of all the studying, she forgot all the cords she was learning so we're back to the start.


Another funny episode. Really shored up Ui and Nodoka's characters. However the lack of progress makes it look worse that we will ever get to see a concert. But whatever at this point anything with more Mio makes me happy. We also see more of everyone character. Mio and Tsumugi as the reliable smart ones, and Ritsu and the clumsy lovable idiot. Yui is the can-do-anything-she-puts-her-mind-to type. Must admit its kind of cliche but i still love it

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