Thursday, April 30, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - 4

Ed and Al have returned for Lior and are reporting to Mustang. Mustang informs them about a man, Shou Tucker, who successfully created a chimera that spoke. The chimera spoke only one phrase, "I want to die" and refused to eat and died. Interested, the brothers decide to check Tucker out. They meet Tucker and his daughter Nina. Ed begins right away studying Tucker's old work.

Meanwhile a killer is on the loose in central. This man, who can only be identified by a large scar on his face, has been hunting down and killing Alchemist. His appearance, and his targeting on some of the toughest opponents has thrown Central in disarray.

One night, while leaving, they escorting state alchemist reminds Tucker that his review is approaching. If he fails, he will loose his title. It is revealed that life was tough before he became a state alchemist and his wife left because they were poor. When Ed comes by the day of the review, Tucker has created a new Chimera. However Ed soon discovers to his horror that the chimera is none other than Nina. The story about his wife leaving is also a lie and the previous chimera was his wife. Ed nearly pummels Tucker to death but is horrified when Tucker tell him they are the same and that they both pushed the limits too far with human alchemy. Ed refuses and is finally stopped by Al. When they leave Scar comes to kill Tucker. Seeing Nina in such a state he decides to kill her out of mercy.


I hate tucker. I hated this arc. I hated how Tucker survived in the original. Thankfully they shortened all of this into one episode and killed him off. They made Tucker appear a lot more desperate and almost pitiful in comparison to his original "mad scientist" motif. It's interesting to note they didn't try to inject any humor into this epsiode (minus Ed vs Dog) but left it mainly dark. This is more like what i expected given the dark ending and dark PV, however i am wondering if it is darker than the source. Also lost was Ed's true studying nature, and that he worked hard to gain his understanding of alchemy.

It was also interesting they cut out the Yoki arc, but mentioned it in the episode. I wonder if they will do the same kind of thing for the thief girl arc. It wasn't really interesting, but it was one of the few really funny episodes.

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