Monday, March 30, 2009

gundam 00 s2 - 25 (END)

Summary: TBA

Reaction: I have to admit im pretty disappointed in the end. I felt it was rather weak and forced. Firstly, the Ribbons and Setsuna fight made little sense. If the original drive is so important to Ribbions, how did he lose the 0 Gundam in the first place? Secondly, While the R2 was a shiny upgraded Exia, it made little sense. Why was it in perfect condition awaiting a GN drive? Wouldn't make more sense to have it attached with a GN condenser like the 0 Gundam was if they wanted to keep it as backup? Why would Ribbons put the GN drive in the 0 Gundam anyways? It sets up an epic showdown but the 0 Gundam is so out of date it would make more sense to use a Gadessa or Garrazo. Aside from the fight, CB essentially didn't accomplish what they wanted by eliminating all wars, hence why they are still around. Louise ends up living, but i can let that slide. Andrei essentially learns nothing and doesn't change despite all that has happened.

That is not to say all of the ending was horrible. It allows a movie which, if as epic as Endless Waltz was, can really redeem this ending. Fight scenes were really well coordinated. Kati and Patrick getting married was a great ending for the two. Alleujah and Marie backpacking is also sweet.

So overall, a weak ending, but i was relatively happy with the series overall.


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Riven Uchiwa said...

I was happier with the ending then most of the season. I mean the whole Exia vs. O Gundam was a atupid premise. Why didn't 00 just kick his but....well we'll never know. I was really happy that Lycon eneded up living and one more thing made my life complete. The return of Hallelujah made it all worth while. A chance to see the true super soldier in action. I would have liked it if Marie and Lousie had died but you can't always get what you want. I was really happy to see that Kati and Patrick got married. Those two make a cute couple. I'm really dissapointed that Tieria is part of Veda now.I can't wait for the movie even though it is slated to come out for 2010. I hope it redeams all the things I hated about this season.