Monday, March 9, 2009

Gundam 00 s2 ep 22

We start with a conclusion to the fight from last week. Setsuna is standing off against bushido in the alternate world. It is here we see the past of Bushido. Where he walked the path of a samurai and seeked revenge against the gundams. The fight does not last too long and Setsuna manages to disable the Susanoo. Bushido asks Setsuna to finish him, but Setsuna mearly said he is changing and leaves. He asks Saji about Louise, but she is long gone. Back on the Plotemy the gang rendezvous with Linda and picks up the new equipment for the gundams and the 0 gundam itself.

The innovators are returning with Lousie and Andrei in tow. Ribbons has called them all back to prepare for the final fight. Captain fatso and the Alaws are planning a huge fight with 21 ships and 108 mobile suits. With these numbers he is confident there is no way they can lose.

Back on Ptolemy they discover that Veda is hiding on the dark side of the moon. The entire area is cloaked. They all state their reasons for fighting and decide to retake Veda. At the innovator base, we see Ribbons and a clone army of Divines (or Brings). Bushido contemplates suicide, but hearing Setsuna's words does not. On Ptolemy Feldt gives Setsuna a flower and wonders if Marina would be mad. Setsuna states they do not have that relationship. Feldt tells him to come back alive as he is leaving.

The gundam and their shiny new toys launch. At first the fight seems in their favor, when three ships head for a kamakaze towards Ptolemy. Setsuna destroys the ships with a trans-am riser sword, but the ships were decoys. They were filled with anti-particle field"dust" and soon all beam weaponry is near useless. Meanwhile the main A-laws fleet arrives using rockets. obviously unprepared and outarmed, the gundams are soon in a difficult position. However the kataron fleet makes it just in time and saves them all. Kataron, led by kati, manages to drive away the attack force and commander fatso finally dies.

At the innovators HQ, Ribbons informs Regene that he is aware of his plans, and always was thanks to the quantaum brain waves. Regene knowing he is found out quickly shoot ribbons in the head, declaring that he will lead the world


Very awesome episode. Shinny new toys for all the gundams (which kind of makes me sad as my cherudim model kit does not have the side shield/gun)

On the Level of hax, 00 is starting to separate itself from the others like how wing zero made the other gundams look like Zaku I.

Cherudim: a new shield/gun attached where the rifle would dock. I don't know where its rifle goes now, but the new gun definitely is nice. looks to have the same range as the sniper rifle itself. Aesthetically it looks a lot like the old full shield Dynames had. Also to note the bits on his back are now on his shoulder and something new is on his GN drive. Tailbooster maybe?

Arios: two new missle pods on the sides that transform into what is reminicent of the missle pods that Kyrios had. A new much more powerful liner rifle that require two hands. Note it does look like he wins the upgrade wars, but we will have to wait and see. No upgrades to the Archer of note.

Seravee: huge GN condensers to up its max firing abilities. Also looks like it got a few more cannons, but i couldn't tell for sure.

00: Gn-sword III. Looks amazing as the Gn-sword was what made the exia stand out. With trans-am riser its just hax.

The actual episode itself brought some interesting developments. Feldt fanboys (me included) are going crazy about the flower scene. Realistically i dont believe Setsuna x Feldt has a chance, but it was a nice scene. Bushido seems to be almost wrapped up only leaving Ali from the old guard. Can't wait to see who gets the honors of tearing him limb from limb. Kati is offically with Kataron, but not much of a storyline left for this. Im still a little worried about Lyle devotion to destroying the federation, something CB is against. We'll have to see how this pans out. On the point of Ribbons seeing his clone army and the fact he is in the preview for the next episode, he is definitely not dead, so all of you haters will have to wait to call trainwreck like Geass.


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I kinda hoped that Ribbons was dead. The version I watched didn't have the preview for next week. That freaking clone army is really hax, but not as hax as 00 riser. That thing is just rediculous! Allelujah definatly won the upgrade wars, but it's unfortunate that we never really get to see him be awsome. I guess we will just have to wait for Hallelujah to come before we see the Arios really kick some butt. Anyway, overall this episode was one of the best this season. Things are really starting to pick up and I can't wait to see where this takes the rest of the season!