Monday, March 23, 2009

Gundam 00 s2 - 24

Reaction: I cant say I'm disappointed in the episode. I mean we do have Ali biting the dust, Veda back in Tieria's control, Arios with some nice saving. However i cant help but feel some parts aren't as good as i want them to be. Louise, Andrei, Billy all being redeemed by understanding feels a little corny to me. I guess i never hated Billy much, but i don't think any 0f them really deserved any redemption. Tieria's consciousness is alive in Veda and seeing Ribbions cloning ability i doubt he's gone for good. The whole thing about them being Inovades was pretty weak. I mean now do we have to start calling them Innovades? Why couldn't they just call Setsuna an innovade instead and save us the headache? Regene seems more alive than i thought. Although i still think hes dead once the GN dust is gone, hes still kinda conscious. Ribbons final suit being the Guncannon is quite a surprise. However given that the 0 gundam was a RX-78 copy, i should have seen it comming. Thank god it seems Lyle has made it thorough and will survive the series. One episode left, lets see how they do.

Funny little side note, im going to copy over a portion of my post from AnimeSuki Fourms

Going back to watch the chibi "fake" spoiler from the beginning of the second season, only three things haven't come true so far. Cats will dance, aliens will attack, and Alleujah's third mind. I guess some of the aliens things have already been mentioned, but i doubt we'll see aliens in the last ep. We also havent seen any signs of a third personality for Alleujah.

What has come true is Tieria being a robot, Setsuna changing (only into an innovator not a gundam), Zombie lockon, "industrial complex" (elevator) falls, maids (wei lu ming) will be assulted.


Riven Uchiwa said...

RAWR! I'm kinda dissapointed with the whole redemption thing of Louise, Andrei, and Billy. They got forgiven way to fast. Once again Hallelujah is in the episode of like 10 seconds and then he is no more. Glad that Tieria isn't really all that dead but it seems that he will not be returning to a body in the last episode. I wonder if they will end up killing one or all of the Gundam Miesters in the last episode. Really this season has yet to wow me. I thought that it would be like last season but it really went downhill from episode 4. This last episode is the end of a season that could have ended much sooner. Anyway I'm happy that Lycon managed to kill Ali (finally). It looks like he got the revenge that Neil Lockon couldn't.

SeedFreedom said...

I don't know. The entire series was pretty alright overall. A few problems and a few plot decisions i didn't like, but overall it was pretty good.

Riven Uchiwa said...

I got really angry because it wasn't as good as last season where all the Miesters were equal. This seaason they totally killed Gundams because of lack of air time. How on earth are we supposed to know that the Arios is the fastest Gundam of all time if we never see it?