Tuesday, March 17, 2009

gundam 00 s2 ep 23

Summary: TBA


Wow, what an action packed episode. We have all the gundams pretty much fighting the whole episode. I must say the Seravee looked the most impressive, doing what the Cherudim did without trans-am.

Speaking of trans-am and Lyle, it looks like everything will end soon. I doubt the animatiors are so sadistic as to kill off Lockon twice, but i worry. Especially since their now close range. Heres hoping Cherudim pulls off something amazing and finishes that asshole once and for all.

As for Setsuna, hes now become even more hax, being the only one to not take damage this episode. As well, his precognition and perhaps link to ribbons makes me think that will be the final fight.

Billy needs to die, or switch sides. If they kill off Sumeragi i will rage.

Kinda tired so consider this review a work in progress.


Riven Uchiwa said...

I'm kinda P.O.'d at the lack of action Arios gets. They really killed that gundam but a dead of severly injured Marie looks very likely from the last teaser. 00 is super hax and if billy doesn't die or switch sides then I will cry because he will kill the entire crew of the Poltemios and that would suck because I like them.

Cheridum is looking good. It looks like Lyle will get revenge for both his family's death by bombing and Neil. Right now his fate is 50/50 and it looks good to the prediction that they may kill all the Miesters to end the series, though I don't think that they are so sadistic that they would kill Lockon twice.

Tieria is in the Veda room with Ribbons. Some sort of epic fight is going to go down and it looks like Tieria may die or be injured because Setsu is probably going to fight Ribbons. Who knows if they ever recapture Veda or not, though this does look likely.

RAGE on Ribbons for having Ali kill Regene. I liked Regene that smug, arrogant, nasty, bastard that looks like Tieria.

The 00 as I said above is Hax and now that Satsu is a innovator it is just getting over powered. It's stupid that he got no damamge from the 50,000,000 Bring/what-ever-his-name-is clones that were flying around and killing things.

Ribbons' Bring army is insane. Kamakazi attacks on the coup d'eta/Kataron ships as well as the Poltemiaos were just Hax. It takes a genious to make a startegy but just launching a bunch of mobile suits and telling them to throw themselves at the enemy an idiot could accomplish.

On a finishing note litterally, it is good to see that Patrick actually died. I was sick and tired of him getting shot in the head and living. It looks like he has finally expired and we don't have to worry about that idiot being on the battlefield and making it harder for the gundams to do their work. Good night patrick, few people will actually miss you.

SeedFreedom said...

I dont know,. I found Patrick pretty funny because he never really did anything but the whole immortal thing was a funny joke. really seems 50/50 for all miesters to die, but i guess with 3 or so eps left its not really too soon.

Riven Uchiwa said...

I guess I enjoyed the "immortal" (useless) Patrick. He was some much needed comic relief in another wise serious series.