Tuesday, March 3, 2009

gundam 00 s2 ep 21

Saji is talking to Setsuna and asks him if there was any other way. Setsuna replies that if he hadn't shot down Anew Lyle would be dead. He mentions he feels Louise is in the same position. Soon after the bridge turns off the power to conduct some test. When this happens however, Setsuna's eyes glow like an innovator. Back at the bridge, Alleujah is still trying to prevent Soma from fighting, but she refuses. Setsuna meanwhile runs into Lyle. Lyle mentions he shouldn't be mad and knows Setsuna wouldn't kill Anew if he didn't believe it was needed. As Setsuna turns, Lyle points his gun at Setsuna, but doesn't shoot.

At the A-Laws base, the innovators are discussing the last battle and we see the continuation of that in flashbacks. Bushido meanwhile meets up with Lousie who is with Andrei. Louise is becoming cold to Andrei however and wont listen to him. Bushido mentions they have a mission. When Andrei asks to join, Bushido says he will not keep up.

At yet another place we find Wang and Hong. They are alive and escaped Nena. We find out Wang's back story of how she was forced to take the head of the family due to Hong's indecisive nature. This moment is short lived however as Nena arrives to finish them off. Hong shields Wang and she escapes, but Hong dies to a head shot. Nena lets Wang go however as Regene in the back is directing the events. Wang manages to meet up with Setsuna and the 00 and passes on the location of Veda. Setsuna asks her to come, but she doesn't. This proves to be her last mistake as Nena catches her shuttle and kills her. Ribbons says through Haro it is time she was judged. Nena thinks he is talking about Ali, but is surprised when Lousie, in her new transformable Regeant demolishes Nena with ease. She then proceeds to loose her mind. While all of this is happening, Setsuna returns to the 00 to see it hostage by Bushido. Bushido demands a challenge and Setsuna accepts. When the both enter trans-am, Setsuna says that innovation is the true goal of Shoenberg, and he has been trying to change this whole time.


Very action packed episode and nice to see Nena bite the dust. Wang's death was neither satisfying nor painful, but i think too much time was devoted to her character that practically did nothing. Susanoo looks nice, but did a mobile suit that only appears in one episode really need a custom version? i mean couldn't they have started with Susanoo? Seems like a marketing ploy to build another suit people will have to buy. Interesting to see what this new weaponry for the gundams will be. If they rumors are true, 00 will become more epic than ever.

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Riven Uchiwa said...

I'm kinda dissapointed at the loss of epicness of the other Gundams. 00 is becoming really awsome but none of the other gundams have become really cool. I want to at least see something from them. The innovators are becomming disjointed and not that great of an enemy. Regene is going behind Ribbon's back but it's not all epic. Hong Long and Lui Mei didn't have the greatest deaths but it's great to finally see Nena die. Anyway, GIVE MORE LOVE TO THE OTHER GUNDAMS!

SeedFreedom said...

Added my "Needs a mobile suit droped on them" club picture.