Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring 2009 Preview

This is my preview, and possible blog list, for 2009 spring. Like last season, i will probably be doing one show, but maybe 2 or 3 if there are a lot of gems this season.

Well, im going to be doing my initial reactions based solely on the story provided and screenshots for now. I'll have an update after Random Curiosity puts up his to get a better opinion. To save time i will be grouping similar responses together, and try to post a link to myanimelist when available. Order is how likely i will watch/blog it.

Updates after Random Curiosity's post will be in blue.

For a more detailed preview i direct you to:

Hayate no Gotoku!!:

One of my most anticipated animes this season. First season was amazing and while comedies often have a hard time following up a success *cough* minami-ke *cough* this one has a long successful manga to follow so im optimistic. I hope to blog this and have any readers out there point out the cultural jokes i miss. You know i'll be looking for a lot of Hina love :P.
Upon further review, it seems outside of well... me, many people are starting to get bored after a 52 ep season of hayate.
I also agree that the series is quite long, but i have yet to have my fill of Hina so i will watch on until that day, which is never. While this wont deter me from watching, im wondering if the subbers will be putting any effort into this, if any good groups pick it up at all. Im praying on SS-Eclipes right now.

watch: 110%
blog: yes

Fullmetal Alchemist:

A remake of a classic that promises to follow closer to the manga. Very highly anticipated. Blogging will depend on my time.
The interesting thing about this is the new cast. Besides Ed, Al, Bradley the entire cast has been replaced. Mustang is now played by Lockon, Risa Hawkeye is Rukia(bleach)/Shirley(Geass), ironically Huges(Mustangs second in command) is played by Ali Al Sachez(gundam 00), and Lust played by Sanae(Clannad). Plus a relative newcommer for Winry and a mainly supporting actor for Scar(D-gray man, Chaos head, Hayate, Shakugan no shana. He does seem to love playing the villian).

blog: high ~ 90%

Spice and Wolf 2:

Loved the first season. Its not high paced, and a little hard to understand, but it was enjoyable. Time constraints will be the only factor. (P.S. i know this is closer to summer release, but everyone else is adding it now)

Watch: 75%
blog: low

Looks interesting. I'll give the first ep a chance and see if it wows me.

watch: 70%
blog: low

Asura Cryin’:60%
Tayutama -Kiss on my Diety-: 60%
K-ON: 50%
Pandora Hearts: 50%
Senjou no Valkyria -Gallian Chronicles-: 40%

Sounds good, and looks good, but i doubt it will be my cup of tea or that i will have the time. We'll see if it gets a good recommendation.

watch: see above
blog: no

Queens Blade Rurou no Senshi:
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!:

Looks like a mindless ecchi fighting anime. While Sekirei wasn't half bad, i dont think i want to watch another one.
Queens blade is actually i lot worse/inappropriate than i thought. I definitely wont be watching this.

watch: 30%
blog: no

Hatsukoi Gentei:

At first i though, Minami-ke. But this doesn't look very interesting like minami-ke was. Will need a strong recommendation to watch.

watch: low
blog: no

Guin Saga:
Natsu no Arashi!:

Story sounds uninteresting. Has to really Wow me and have an incredible recommendation.

Watch: 10%
blog: no

Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou:
Hanasakeru Seishounen:

Shojo love story. No thanks.

watch: very low
blog: no


Riven Uchiwa said...

I will defiantly watch 07 Ghost and Pandora Hearts. I really enjoyed the manga so I will watch at least a little bit of it. If I blog it who knows but there is a high chance that if I have the time I will

SeedFreedom said...

Yay, my first recommendation lol. Now i have to blaze through 10 eps in 7 days to be caught up for Hayate's second season.

SeedFreedom said...

Added a few updates to Hayate and Full metal Alchemist. Still waiting on Random Curiosity.