Wednesday, April 7, 2010

K-on S2 - Ep 1

This is going to be a quick summary. No long detailed post.

For a different change of pace i'm going to talk about the music first, then move over the story.

First thing first, the most important thing about K-on is definitely the music. The OP is definitely weaker than it was first season. Cagayake! Girls was a fun, up-beat catchy tune. Go! Go! Maniac on the other hand, is just what you would think. Its sounds disjointed and crazy. There's taking inspiration from Lucky Star, and then there is totally ripping it off, and it doesn't work. The ending song, Listen!! actually isn't bad. TBH though, and this is solely based on tune, not lyrics, sounds more accustomed to a action anime then the slow paced Slice-of-Life. Its still not bad, and whenever Yōko Hikasa is a good thing. Still i can't help but be nostalgic for Don't say lazy.

Now for the plot. There really is nothing to say. Girls try to find more members in order to leave the club to Azusa with a club for next year as the rest of the gang enter their final year. It just feels like everything has been done before in the first season. I know your trying to get people caught up with the show for those who haven't seen the first season, but still to copy the exact same plot as 2 or 3 of the eps in the first season is a little much. Luckly it looks like the next ep will be back on track with the manga.

I'll probably be continuing to put up small post for K-on, but the main focus post-wise will be Angel beats and Hero man which i hope to get around to soon!

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