Saturday, April 17, 2010

HeroMan 1&2

So, i finally got around to heroman 1 and 2. I don't know how strictly i'll stick to blogging this but i will stick to Angel beats, expect that tomorrow or day after. Sorry there wont be pictures up for this week's review. Too tired and too much work going on.


So we start off with a rather timid character named Joey. He works part time to support himself and his aging grandmother. His love interest, Lina, is definitely part of the "other crowd". She is rich and pretty and popular and her brother, Will, is a jock. Despite this difference in class, and Joey's overall timid nature which doesn't allow him to show his feelings (which he may or may not have for her) she is still attracted to him. Her brother and father on the other hand strictly disapprove of Joey. We are also introduced to two other minor characters, the eccentric scientist Professor Denton, and Joey's best friend, Psy. One day one of Will's friends is showing off his new toy, a small robot. It soon however gets destroyed by a passing car. Joey noticing it, and realizing he can never afford one himself, decides to take it and fix it up. When he's done, he leaves for his job. Later a weather report shows a storm coming in and he goes home to get his new toy, which he calls heroman, away from the window. When he gets home, it gets struk by lightning and comes to life. meanwhile, Lina and her father are caught in a car accident which Heroman rescues them from.

The next episode revolves around Joey trying to decide what to do now, when news of aliens coming to earth reaches them. To make a long story short, Heroman beats them easily and Lina now knows the identity of Heroman.


The story starts out interestingly enough, but the suspension of disbelief is pretty thick. All in all i'll keep watching for a few more episodes, if nothing more then the fact that Stan Lee had a part in making this, and even cameos believe it or not. However the story and writing really need to kick it up a notch.

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