Sunday, April 18, 2010

Angel Beats - 03


We start with Iwasawa showing off a new song she wrote to Yuri. Being a ballad, Yuri is worried that it is too soft and slow to work as a distraction. Yuri then goes on to explain their next mission, which is to break into Tenshi's base. they have enlisted a new member, who i will call four-eyes for now because i can't remember his name and can't seem to find it. We then get introduced to a new character Yui who is a big fan of GirlDeMo.

Beaten by PI... every nerds dream

We also get a look into the past of Iwasawa while she was alive. Her parents were always fighting and the stress of that really took a toll on her. She eventually found music and realized she could escape her troubles by drowning it out with songs. She finds a old guitar and starts to learn how to play. Even though she had good grades and could get into good schools, she rejected them because she wanted to continue with music for her life and she didn't want to rely on her parents for financial support any longer.

he could be arrested for rape for this scene lol

One day while at a part time job she begins to feel light headed and faints. Turns out during one of her parents fights she got hit on the head in the process and dies. She, like Yuri, doesn't care about reincarnation, but doesn't want to accept her life. She leaves Otonashi her bottle she was drinking from and prepares for the concert.

man, i'm really liking her character, i can't wait to see more.

The day comes and the gang prepares to break into Tenshi's place, which is just an ordinary dorm room. they decide to try to hack her computer to see if they can get any more information. Otonashi however feels they shouldn't be doing it. Yuri discovers all of Tenshi's skills, and realizes that they don't have much time left. The skills they discover are being developed by Tenshi herself, not given by god. This confuses Yuri, as to why god wouldn't give Tenshi more support.

Kage bunshin?

The band is having trouble getting the attention of the student body, but does attract the attention of the teachers. They decide that they have been too lenient with the band and tries to shut them down for good. In a desperate effort to buy more time, Iwasawa picks up a guitar that looks like the one she found while she was alive. She plays the Ballad that was rejected by Yuri and realizes that she is truely happy playing music. With that, she disappears.

DAMN!!!! YOU!!!! KEYS!!!!!!!!

my first though after this episode: "GOD DAMMIT KEY WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS TO ME". This episode really reinforces by view that this should be a 26 or so episode series. In the span of one episode, we get all of Iwasawa's back story, a potential love interest (The water bottle and the indirect kiss potential was intentional) , and death. I was just starting to like the character and Key has to go and kill her. But given the amount of characters there are, i wouldn't be surprised to see one character go per episode. Also given that Iwasawa disappears after realizing what makes her happy, i strongly believe in my original theory that they are all in a middle ground, and can only move on to heaven by accepting their death. However given how tragic Iwasawa's back story was as well makes me think what kind of message they are going for. Your life is going to be crap, and then only by accepting that your life was crap and is unfair can you move on? Man, if there is a god in that world he is a real jerkass. The other interesting point is Tenshi's skills. They are developed, rather than given. This might mean shes an ordinary human as well, all be it more in charge because of her role as student president, but still human.

I do have to make an amendment to my previous statement. IT seems everyone has their memories, making Otonashi the odd one. I still wouldn't put my suicide theory about Yuri away just yet.

Either way, i really am enjoying this series and hope it will turn out alright, but still hate the fact it is only 13 episodes

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