Monday, April 12, 2010

Angel beats ep 02 - OMG am i actually blogging on time?

Yes, yes i am. I am a little late, but still within reason. I will get around to heroman i promise, but exam time does take priority.

Onto the review!

Episode 2 was quite interesting. We start off with a scouting report that the gang is starting to run low on guns an ammunition. Yuri decides to head down to guild, their weapons factory deep underground to prevent angel from seeing. On their way they notice that the traps haven't been deactivated. This means that angel has found Guild and is on the move. Heading through eventually every member of the gang falls to traps except Yuri and Otonashi.

Classic death traps

Its here we learned what happened to Yuri. It seems she, for some reason, still retains her memories of her past life. She was the oldest of four siblings. One day they got robbed and the robbers demanded she bring back something valuable every 10 minutes or one of her siblings died. She wasn't able to make it and they all died. It's because of this, no matter what punishment awaits her she wants to fight god. She can't accept what has happened to her family.

This guy gets my props, out of all of them

They eventually do reach Guild, but so does angel. They decide to destroy Guild and remake it in one of their old factories. Otonashi realizes how strong Yuri really is.

They might as well have kissed

Seeing as how little the first episode explained, there were many interesting theories that have floated around about the true nature of their world. The two most interesting ones were either a virtual world, like a giant RPG. This would explain the lax on death as well as the RPG guild mentality and naming "NPC". After this episode, it doesn't seem very likely that's the case. The next interesting guess is the idea this world is purgatory. Instead of being reincarnated based on what your past life, they are all working towards redemption towards some better future. This would fit quite well, except with what we seen i don't think Yuri would have been subject to purgatory after what she's been through. My personal guess is that this is a purgatory where people move on after they have accepted their death.Perhaps Yuri is stuck because she won't forgive god, and ultimately will end the series with some form of acceptance of god.

This reminds me of the underground thing from the FMA movie

Quite a lot was explained in this episode, including why Yuri fights so hard and where they get their weapons. On the relationship side we got a few funny touchy moments, but there is no doubt they are setting up Yuri to end up with Otonashi. I am actually liking Yuri and her wild antics. Even if death is cheap in this world, she seems to genuinely care for her people and feels remorseful for being a poor leader. I do have to admit half way through i expected it to be a twist where the guild guys were purposely trying to kill them or something. The anime got more serious this episode, so i am looking forward to a bit of a lighter episode next. Oh, and a quick secondary theory. Yuri seemed really quick to dismiss suicide, and seeing as how she's the only one who has memories, i won't be surprised if it turned out she did kill herself.

More high quality fight scenes

This is just plain cute

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