Sunday, April 25, 2010

Angel Beats - 04

Key, king of Trolls.


We have Yuri's gang planning on entering the baseball tournament about to start to mess with Angel's plans for an organized tourney. Meanwhile they are also looking for replacement for Iwasawa for the band. Yui comes in to audition, but she isn't received very well. They decide to let the band have the final say.

What every fan wanted to do to key for killing off Iwasawa

Meanwhile Hinata and Otonashi try to pull together a team. Everyone else who seems to be good is already taken. They are left with a rag-tag team of Hinata, Otonashi, Yui(trying to prove herself), Shiina (trying to redeem for failing to reach Guild), Noda (still trying to pick a fight with Otonashi), and three random girls from the school (following Yui). They manage to do quite well despite they lack of outfield with the three girls. However Tenshi comes to put an end to it, and start eliminating all the teams one by one. The last match is Tenshi's vs Hinata's. Yuri, watching all the action from a distance, is quite happy at the chance to finally beat Tenshi fairly and ruffle her feathers, so to speak. Tenshi's team of baseball regulars prove to be much more than the other teams and Hinata finds them falling quick.

I gotta admit, as annoying as she is i like her outfit

Otonashi is able to recruit Matsushita to their outfield with a meal ticket and they begin to do much better. In the last inning Hinata is a bit stunned, and we find it has to do with what happened in his life. Hinata was on the baseball team with similar situation in a game. Bottom of 9(or is it 7 here?) and runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 out and up by 1. The opponents hit a pop fly up to second base. However either due to heat or exhaustion Hinata blanks and can't remember the end of that game. Judging by how the team reacted he missed the play. Someone else offered him steroids, telling him it would improve his play.

Probably the only female i care about anymore

Back in our game, Otonashi asks if he would disappear if he wins this game. He answers no, but his voice has a stammer. The pitch is thrown and it really is a pop fly. Hinata goes up to catch it, and for a minute it seems like it would be all over.........

Yuri looking rather evil

Until Yui rushes in and hit him, making them loose the game.

God damn you key! You save him but not Iwasawa!!!


So it seems Hinata is staying around for a bit. Thats good at least, BUT WHY DID THEY KILL OFF IWASAWA THEN! Ah but at last this is Key, and they are just trolling us all. Somewhere in a board room a writer laughs every time someone gets pissed at them. Instead of the cool and beautiful Iwasawa, we get the pink fluff ball Yui. I don't really have anything against Yui, even if she is a bit annoying at points, but why did she have to replace iwasawa. Even with only 12 eps Key is willing to keep some chars around. It does seem weird for Yuri to be taking disappearing so lightly, right after Iwasawa disappears.

I'm also very unimpressed with Hinata's backstory. I was sure he died of heat stroke or something missing his game. instead it seems likely he died of a drug overdose. I kinda feel hard to sympathize with him unlike Yuri and Iwasawa's characters, so it isn't sure thats how he died. Now.... if you'll excuse me i got to go listen to some Angel Beats soundtrack songs with Iwasawa... :'(

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