Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Beats - 8


We have verification that the other tenshi is not thinking like the original, who actively attacks the gang. >Kanade herself goes to stop the Tenshi clone, but is seriously hurt. The gang goes to the infirmary to look after Kanade. They wonder, why this one is so aggressive when the original was never agressive, expecially since it was no on their side. Naoi discusses that if Kanade created the clone with aggression in mind, like when fighting that fish, the Clone may have gotten stuck in that mindset. Yuri goes to do some research in Kanade's room while the rest try not to attract Tenshi's attention while not following the school lessons. Yuri manages to fix Kanade's programming so that the next time she uses harmonics, it will absorb the Tenshi clones. However Kanade is missing, and kidnapped. They find that she is in the old remains of Guild.

The quickly run into multiple angel clones and realized that the clones have access to all of Kanade's skills, including harmonics. The decide that the only way to stop them once and for all is to free the original Kanade. They start heading through, and one by one sacrifice themselves in a hilarious manner to let Otonashi reach Kanade. Eventually they do free Kanade, but one clone warns her that if she receives them all now, she will suffer the full force of all the negative feelings of the clones. the episode ends with her screaming as they all get reabsorbed.


Another cliffhanger ending, but it will likely be that Kanade ends up fine. I like this episode because it brought back the fun and light death we started to see in the beginning. After all the serious arcs, this was a nice break. It's also funny to see Naoi end up in a position of complete worship of Otonashi, to a ridiculous extent. Otonashi on the other hand now plays the role of moral guardian to Naoi. Besides this, not much else in terms of character development, or story development, but the setup for next week.

Fetish fuel comment: what is Tenshi made a clone while hot and bothered... hmmm :P

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