Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Angel Beats - 6

Sigh. Stupid power of friendship.


We start with the gang trying to deal with the new president. Because he uses the student body, they are hesitant to use their full force. Eventually one day Otonashi is trying to apologize to Kanade (Tenshi) by buying her Mapo Tofu. However the new president says that it is against rules to eat outside of lunch and throws them in detention, which is more of a prison. While in detention, Yuri calls Otonashi and says that the new president is not as he seems. He is actually beating up innocent students to avoid passing on, and they have started a fight. However because he is using regular students as shields, they are quickly losing. She asks him to find Kanade to help them. After some trial and error, Kanade does manage to break them out, however the fight is over and Yuri's gang is in ruin. The president gloats that he is the god of this world. The new president is revealed to be using hypnosis to not only use the student body, but so that he can forcefully make Yuri happy and pass on. We get some bullshit story about how he had to live as his brother and never having a real life, but i don't buy it. We end with Otonashi saying his life is real, and stopping Naoi in his tracks.


If it seems like my recap today is short, that's because it is. I didn't like the episode and wanted to get through it as quick as i could. To be honest, very disappointed. Here we have total bastard and a set-up to be the final enemy of the gang, and he is introduced mid way through the series and is finished in one episode. In my opinion, what really gets me is how freaking easy he gets off with being the sickest most twisted individual yet, while Angel is seen as an enemy just for trying to get some small resemblance of order. While yes we didn't see him pas on, i'm willing to bet he isn't much of a problem anymore. Some important points to notice are, once again, the incompetence of the teachers. If this school is set up by god, he must be a moron for letting it get so out of hand when he has a clear goal for them. Another point is Yuri's refusal to get innocents involved, even at the cost of their own existence. She is also pretty quick to accept Kanade's help. This shows that there is nothing personal between them. Kanade also showed some growth. Eating outside of lunch and helping Otonashi shows shes no longer bounded by the rules of the school, not to mention taking out Naoi's brainwashed army. She's also has the saddest afterlife. My guess is her unfinished business is never having friends. Given all her friends disappear after she meets them means she will never move on. The problem is now, where does the story go. Either they fight a greater bastard, which would make me rage so hard I'd punch a hole through my monitor, or they fight their own demons, which would be the likely step.

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