Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Angel Beats - 7

Well my plans for anime north aren't looking too promising right now, but hopefully people will be able to make it. Onto the show!


The gang is back to doing what they always were doing, nothing. However now they have added Naoi to their group. Yuri asks Naoi to use his hypnosis to help Otonashi recover his memories. We see Otonashi was a slacker who worked physical jobs to get by and buy his sister mangas. However we soon cut to christmas and see that she passes away, after he worked so hard to save up money for her. Feeling helpless, he decides he will be a doctor to save people and give himself a purpose in life. However even though he qualified for school, he dies when his train crashes.

Otonashi relents how he died after working so hard before he was able to accomplish anything. He decides to stay with the gang. They decide to go fishing for some food, deciding not to steal meal tickets. Otonashi grabs Kanade to join them, but the others aren't so accepting. They note how she used to be the president and is still their enemy. However having the current president with them weakens that argument. Yuri decides that she is no longer the problem and lets her come.

After we get some fishing foolishness, Kanade manages to get a huge fish. In order to save the gang, Kanade uses her harmonics skill to double herself and kills it. They decide to serve it as a giant soup to the other students, because they cannot finish it themselves, and cannot preserve it. They note they no longer antagonize anyone, but still refuse to move on. Yuri retuns hurt and says Tenshi was the one who did it, even though Kanade was with them the whole time. We then see a second Tenshi standing above on a lamp post.


Lame.... Naoi got off really easy. I could go on a whole rant, but i'll leave it at that. Otonashis back story was interesting. His life was sad, that's for sure, but not on the level of Yuri or even Iwasawa. Yuri is obviously the most accepting of Kanade, but why they would suddenly accept Naoi makes absolutely no sense. It will be interesting if she forgives Kanade, or goes back to fighting her. I also wouldn't put past the idea that she leaves willingly feeling shes more danger than good to her new friends.

Its pretty obvious that the double is a mistake by the harmonics skill. i highly doubt that Kanade did it on purpose. We'll have to see how the rest react, being not to receptive to Kanade already.

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