Wednesday, June 2, 2010

angel beats - 9


We find out that after the battle with the Tenshis, the group finds her unconscious and brings her to the infirmary. The group wonders what type of person Kanade will be now, friendly or agressive.

While watching over her, Otonashi starts to remember more of his past. As it turns out he didn't die immediately in the crash. instead, the finds and helps all the survivors of the crash. However with all the exits blocked, they can only sit and wait to be rescued. Despite being injured himself, he tries to save everyone including a man who was badly injured. Looking at the food and water supply, they determine they cannot last long. One guy tries to steal the water, thinking its hopeless to wait and only for everyone to look out for themselves. The rest are after his blood after he spills a bottle of water. Otonashi calms everyone by saying that he will forgo his share for the split water. Otonashi's new friend helps by slitting his supply with him. after seven days Otonashi knows he cannot hold on, and asks for a pen. he signs an organ donation card, before dying. Everyone else follows. As luck would have it, right after he signs the card, rescue arrives.

Back at the infirmary, Kanade has woken up, defeating her other selves. She tells him she made it her job to help people feel at rest with their life, and move on. Realizing as bad as his life was, he was able to save a life by donating an organ, and inspired others to as well. However, he still hadn't disappeared, and realized more than anything he wanted to let Yuri stop fighting, along with the rest of the gang. He notes that if Kanade had been better at talking to people, maybe Yuri wouldn't have fought so hard.

He hatches a plan to make Kanade pretend she forgot all about being their friend, as if she never lost her position. The teachers find out about the cheating and reinstate her as president. He uses her as a distraction so he can go and find out about their lives, and let them move on.


Wow... i gotta say as sad as Yuri's life was, Otonashi might have been just as bad. Dying right before help arrived. Notice how, while everyone was weak, Otonashi and his friend look to be in the worst shape, probably from splitting the water. That means the guy who tried to steal it might have killed him. Its really gotta suck. On the other hand, we still don't know why Kanade hasn't moved on, but im guessing she will before the end of the series. I dont like the whole sneaking plan. I have a feeling it will be revealed and nobody will understand or forgive him, but we'll see.

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