Monday, February 14, 2011

Infinite Statos - 4&5

Well my little surprise is taking up some time, along with midterm season, so i'll have to put these two eps together for now.


We start with Lin and Ichika starting their match. Lin's new machine is a melee type, but also has large cannons on it's shoulders. Ichika is having trouble dealing with it, but still seems quite confident. Soon after their match is postponed because an unidentified MS which also locks down the school. Some fighting happens but eventually Lin and Ichika manage to take it down. It is revealed that the IS is un-piloted, something which is not suppose to be possible

A new male transfer student is introduced, Charles. He is from Britain and the second male ever to be able to pilot an IS. Ichika is very protective of him and is worried the girls will be over clingy to him as well, made worse by his very shy nature. A bit of training happens, and we have a bit where all the girls fight over Ichika over lunch, but nothing important. At the end of the episode we are introduced to a new character, someone who admires Ichika's sister, and doesn't like Ichika, smacking him right off the bat.


Nothing surprising happens. It will be interesting to see where the un-piloted IS plot line is headed. I don't have much about the Charles plot, maybe a secondary romance, and the new girl doesn't seem interested in him, more admiration for his sister than him, but i wont be surprised if she joins the harem as well.

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