Thursday, April 14, 2011

K-ON: The collage years (manga)

Hey guys, the special surprise, as well as my regular blogging has been put on hold for now due to exams. I'll get to them eventually, this is definitely something i dont want to just drop, but i also gotta make sure it turns out great. a little side filler while you wait.

So Yui and the others are now in collage, and no surprise they are living in the same dorm. We see Yui being Yui practically unable to function without Ui. She kinda takes an crutch on Ritsu, but Ritsu is having none of it. They make it through the opening ceremony, but Yui accidentally drools on the shoulder of a new character, Wada Akira, who i swear i cannot even tell is a female. They take a look at the poster of the existing light music club that the university offers and decide to check it out. As luck would have it, (or poor writing) Akira and her two friends are also joining, setting us up for the next chapter, in the story and in the life of the girls.

Well i guess i can stop guessing what the movie is about. The K-ON manga has continued on into the university life. Its a nice little touch, and maybe would have been nice as a movie extra, but honestly i does really cheapen the big dramatic goodbye the girls went through at the end of the last season. Also the manga seems to really set up the story, so i have a feeling this wont be jsut a 4-5 chapter thing an a completely new story altogether. I cant say the atmosphere or story that worked well in K-ON about high school students will work in University. But i'll give it a chance to impress me. hey if you told me there was a good story about girls eating cake all day, i wouldn't have believed you. The other problem is how these new girls are replacing azusa so easy and how Yui is so accepting of them, but that seems to really be in her nature. I also wonder how this will fit into the fact the light music club is already established, and itsnt being set up by them. their lazy attitude might not slide in an established club, and the whole point of their club in high school was, 'we may not be good, but we are fun and can try hard when we needed'.

So ya, not a great start, but i'll give it a chance to impress me.

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The Admin said...

k-on is making a lot of money last year, thats why they have to continue making it. i agree that the story of it is getting worse (not as great before)