Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Big News, expect something big!

So for anyone who actually follows me.... you really dont have much to do, do you? im just kidding. There will be a special review i will be doing to. Why is it so special? Because i am going to do it Nostalgia Critic style, with full video and audio and everything.

I will record the audio over the reading week break and will work on the video whenever i can find time. Depending on how long the video takes, it might be a while before you see it, but i am resolved to doing this review. What is this review going to be about? you'll have to wait to find out.

As some side blog news, i am dropping Freezing, i will do one last episode review to explain why, and i am still following IS, don't know when the review will be up. Amagami is still in my watch pile, but that is definitely low priority.

I've also been following the Hayate no Gotoku manga, and it is awesome. I am caught up in that so i might do a manga review if a big chapter is released.

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