Monday, October 4, 2010

What? im still here? (also a semi review)

Yes i am still alive, and i am still a blogger. To be honest i havent been following anime very much recently because of a new vice ( *cough* League of legends *cough*) but i thought id give a quick two reviews Ookami-san, and Amagami SS(first two routes)

Ookami-san (spoilers abound)

Well this turned out quite differently than i expected. I was expecting a twist and retelling of classic fairy tales. I wasn't quite impressed with the first episode's Cinderella, but i held on. It kind of disappointed me that it wasnt much of a retelling as it was a completely new story with name drops and inspiration from fairy tales. Now the plot itself wasn't too bad, it wasn't great either. The biggest complaint i have is the use of rape as a back story for Ookami. While it was never directly mentioned that she was raped, it was heavily implied. Now im not an uptight guy. for instance, it is also heavily implied when otohime "extracts the essence" of Tauro. Now it was done for comedy and in the end the two love each other. the same can't be said for Ookami. And yes it can also be used well for heavy dramatic effect... except this is a comedy... about a girl whos boxing gloves meow when she hits someone. The entire story i feel is just way to light to suddenly force such a serious side. The story was also never well resolved but its almost guaranteed thats to set up a sequel. I kind of wish it wont get one. I did finish so i wont say its dissolutely horrrible, but it could have been much better if they stuck to one side of the serious vs comedy.

Amagami SS

This one surprised me. Every time i say "ehh this looks lackluster" they prove me wrong. I still think the haruka arc went way too fast, as to be expected, but its hard to imagine how this would even happen. she went from "sorry, i dont love you" to "i might love you" to "im so in love with you" to "why dont you love me!!!!" in 4 eps. The procession doesn't seem natural at all. The story was still great and Haruka remains my favorite character still. The second arc featuring Kaoru also started slow, and i thought i wouldn't like her character much. A massive difference was how much more confident Junichi was. As if that one confrontation turned his life upside down (or conversely what a mess he is without it). As such i feel the character development lied much more heavily on Kaoru than on Junichi, a benefit Haruka didn't have. Haruka was very much a strong charcter, with established traits. It was Junichi that needed to grow in her story. Kaoru however seemed to be the one with less ability to grow, and conversely Junichi seemed more like her support than in the first arc. Im only starting the third arc now, but it seems to be in a much more comedic style than the other two, which is nice because not only does it help establish the new focus character, its not a cookie cutter of the first two stories. Her voice however might need some getting use to.

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