Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Summer First Impressions

Well, We're in full swing for the 2010 Summer season so i've gotten a chance to check out the first eps of the shows. I though it would be good to post my initial reactions to these series. First episode spoilers to be careful.

Seitokai Yakuindomo: 6/10

One of the series i really didn't want to like after the first few minutes. The story is basically about a all girls school which has recently been converted into a mixed school. The story follows a rather uninterested guy about the prospect of being surrounded by girls, While all the other guys are perverts looking for a harem. The series Didn't seem as that funny or as 4th wall breaking like Hayate or K-ON. The series is also a little more kid-unfriendly than i thought it would be, meaning its not something i wanna be watching in a public place. True nothing bad was really shown, but a blurred out vibrator isn't great. The subs i have also took the liberty of un-beeping all the words so... However the one redeeming quality of this show, the freaking super star cast. the show features the voice of Mio (Hikasa Yoko) and Ritsu (Satou Satomi) for K-ON together again, with Yoko acting like a like a perverted Hinagiku and Satomi acting almost like Mugi. I've always said i loved Yoko's voice and i truly think this is a better role role than Mio is, but this show won't get the publicity K-ON did.

High School Of the Dead: 5/10

This one was a bit disappointing. While having a cute girl or two in a show is great, HSotD takes it a step beyond and seems to be a almost pure fan service show. Its hard to judge based on one episode, but i think plot will seriously be lacking in favor of more girls in panties being eaten (no pun intended, actually that's probably exactly what they were intending.) The characters also didn't seem to believable, but its a anime so that's alright. the premise of the show is simple, zombies. That's it. Its your typical zombie movie that you've seen a dozen times, only set at school. The only thing interesting is the slight love triangle between main guy, main girl, and other guy. Other guy is the boyfriend of main girl, after main guy took too long to realize it until it was too late. Other guy is the typical perfect guy. He excels at everything, including zombie killing, go figure. While i though this might have been a good dynamic going on through out the series, but he gets zombified before the end of the first ep. It looks almost certain that hes gonna die and the tension will be the main factor after his death.

Amagami SS: 9/10
I also tried to dismiss this series after the first few minutes. The story starts out kinda like a typical shojo. Man fall in love with girl, after being heart broken for two years by being stood up on chirstmas. However this show has a amazing hype, which i then found out is because they will air each girl's routes separately. This means each girl gets to win, but it also means each girl will only get 4 episodes. For the characters themselves, while not completely new or different, they are entertaining and not the cookie cutter style characters we've seen all the time. In fact the ending of the first episode, which i think i wont spoil, had me hooked that i will stick this one through. The fact that the "main" heroine, or should i say first girl is voiced by Hinagiku (Itou, Shizuka), certainly doesn't hurt.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi: 6/10

This one is also one i wanted to dismiss after the opening minutes. Man i did that alot this season. Anyways, the story is basically Ookami, i guess she's suppose to be wolf like, helping different people with their problems. This one i was really looking forward to because the premise is just amazing. Basically their are going to redo all the classic fairy tales, with their own spin. The sad part is, i dont think it'll be done very well. The first episode redid Cinderella and it was quite disappointing. Its also hard to take Ookami seriously as a fighter with those stupid cat gloves. I know its suppose to be cute and Moe, but it doesn't work for me. Im also not a super huge fan of the Toradora art style they are using, but that's a minor personal preference. The main character herself, Ookami will feature Shizuka's second staring role this season. To be honest, listening to Hinagiku's voice on a character that looks like Tifa from Final Fanstasy 7 is just pure win. The show has a lot of potential, so i wont give up on it now, but it better live up to it.

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