Friday, October 22, 2010

K-ON End of a journey

Well after two long years, 2 seasons, 36 eps (not including specials) we have the end to a long story.

Quick Recap:
The second season follows directly from the first, with the girls moving onto their final year. We see them preparing for their final exam to move onto university. Mio has the grades and the recommendation to go to a very prestigious school, and im sure Mugi could also go to any school she wants, but in the end they decide to all try and get into the same school. Final exams came and went while the girls study. The entire time Asusa shifted her thoughts from what will become of the light music club, to how to say goodbye. In the end, through serious determination on Yui and ritsu's part, they do all manage to pass and are all headed to the same university. The graduation comes, and Sawako is saddened to see her first class of graduates go. Asusa also breaks down, asking them not to leave. They send her off with a picture of them from their first year together, with her face glued on, and a new song written especially for her.

The main complaint people had about K-ON was that it was a show about girls prancing around doing cute things and not really having a story. And by the mid way of the second season, i would still agree. However If you take the entire two seasons together, its the story about a rag tag group, that barely became a club that shouldn't have happened, and the girls growing to became so close they wont want to separate. That being said, the story is still weak and still not why you watch it. Most episodes are filler fluff. However the ending i think was well done. You really feel the emotion from Asusa as she has to say good bye to her sempais. The final episodes really show that, even if they arent in the same grade, class, or even schools, the girls consider Asusa one of them, and that shes someone they can't replace, or forget. However i think the strongest emotions came from Sawako. She was a strong character, who was always the leader and rolemodel for the girls. Always there to bail them out of their troubles. But as she walked down the empty class and sees the chalkboard, even she breaks into tears. Asusa probably has it the worst. While the other girls manage to stay together (and save a huge amount of tears from the girls) she wont be going with them. Even if she finds new members, they will never be her sempais, and the club will never be the old club. The memories can never be forgotten or replicated. The new club might be good, but it will never be like her first club. The graduation and finale song i felt was a good send off, but i would have liked them to end off with the song to Asusa (despite my absolute love for No Thank You). Them going back to Fwa Fwa time is really a back to basics message which i dont feel was right for all they've been through.

So whats my overall impression of the show? I think Asusa Said it the best
"Its not very good (well written) is it? but i want to hear (watch) it over and over again"

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