Thursday, August 6, 2009

The new OP and ED for Hayate arrived... and boy do they suck

Still stuck on ep 15, but i jumped ahead to check out the new OP and ED. I am not a fan of either. (Edit: Sorry for the incredibly small video size. Uploading it again will take forever)

First off lets take a look at the ED. Replacing Hina is a big strike no matter how good the actual song is. Second, im not the biggest fan of Nagi, and her singing didn't help. Seriously, after Shana, Kugimiya Rie has really lost her charm for me. Hayate's VA actually has a decent singing voice, but its too hard matching her feminine voice to Hayate. However gotta give them major points for using a counterpoint melody. As much as i hate it, they are building up the pair of Nagi x Hayate pretty well.

For the OP, didn't like it very much. The song is half decent and some scenes, like Hayate's fight and the final scene are well done, but the over the top fanservice and returning to the synthesizer for there main chorus tune just kills it. Wonder Wind wasn't something spectacular, however i find myself not skipping it when im watching. As well Wonder Wind actually has melodies and decent lyrics.

Overall very disapointed in you J.C. Staff. You can do much better.

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